These Dick’s Sporting Goods Ads by The Place Beyond the Pines Director Derek Cianfrance Are Awesome

If you’ve seen the recent Ryan Gosling–Bradley Cooper upstate New York crime epic The Place Beyond the Pines, you’ll remember one shot in particular. It’s the opening scene of the film, a long, winding tracking shot, that follows Gosling’s stunt motorcycle rider as he exits his trailer, walks across the grounds of a traveling carnival, gets on a bike with two fellow riders, and enters something called “The Globe of Death.” It’s one of the most technically arresting pieces of filmmaking you’ll see all year.

The director of that film, and the man behind that shot, is Derek Cianfrance. And you can see a little bit of the same visual poetry in the commercials he’s been directing for Dick’s Sporting Goods. The ads, one of which follows the action on a football field, before the snap, and another that zigzags all over a baseball diamond, prepitch, use the same one-shot technique. I have no vested interest in promoting Dick’s. This is just cool filmmaking. Check out the two spots below.

(h/t The Playlist)

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