SIREN! There Is Weird Ice in New Jersey! There Is Weird Ice in New Jersey!

Tomas FleischmannTHIS, via Florida Panthers beat writers George Richards and Harvey Fialkov:

I have e-mailed my hockey-loving friend, Adam (subject line: “Is this bad?”), to investigate. So don’t worry, guys. We’re on the case. For now, here’s Panthers coach Kevin Dineen on the developing ice situation:

“If the quality of ice is anything like it was this morning at the skate, I think their customer service probably will be pretty embarrassed to see that’s what they are putting out there for people to see. It made for a pretty sloppy morning. If the ice is anything like it was this morning, it will make for a very sloppy game. No fun for the fans. A lot of water out there.”

“A lot of water out there” does not sound great for NHL playoff-level hockey. But, hey, I’m no expert. Can someone find those customer service people that Dineen is talking about?

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