Nicknames of People Drew Brees Forgot to Thank at the ESPYS

Drew BreesAt the ESPYS on Wednesday night, Drew Brees won the award for Record-Breaking Performance of the Year and proceeded to break another record onstage during his acceptance speech. What record? The nickname record. Brees rattled off nicknames of trainers, coaches, and teammates — names like “Marky Mark” and “Baby Brontosaurus.” But time ran short and Brees wasn’t able to name everyone he wanted to. So we wanted to create a safe space where that could happen. Here are the nicknames Brees didn’t have time to shout out:

Pretty Flacko, Jackie Jormp Jomp, Garlic Salt, Lemon Pepper, Mr. Crane, Riverboat Willie, Dr. James Andrews, The Roof Rat, The Tree Rat, Prometheus (definitely Roman Harper), Gudda Gudda, Hodor, Charles Bronson, LMFAO, Scorpion Jacket, Steely Dan, Commissioner Gordon, 4 Chainz, Jack From Lost, The Hamburglar, Better Than Ezra, and Jermon Bushrod Vampire Hunter.

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