Must Watch: Awesome German Football Crowd Choreography

When I say choreography, you no doubt turn to the mirror and say, in an aggressive whisper, “FOSSE.” But I’m not talking about all that jazz. I’m talking about crowd choreography; glorious, coordinated showings of team, school or regional pride.

This weekend saw a particularly breathtaking example of such a movement. Above you can see the fans of defending Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund, cheering for their club at the glorious Signal Iduna Park, as they collectively display the club colors, black and yellow (blacknyellowblacknyellow), and then unfurl an unabashedly kick ass skull flag because…skulls are cool. Dortmund went on to spank Wolfsburg, 5-1. Because of the skull, clearly.

For comparison purposes here’s one of these tifos being conducted on American soil, as Iowa Hawkeyes fans went from their team colors of black and yellow (blacknyellowblacknyellow) to red, white and blue at a home game against Northwestern at Kinnick stadium in October.

Iowa won, 41-31. So obviously if you want your team to win, you need to get involved in some serious choreography.

Hat-tip to the great soccer journalist James Appell for pointing out the Borussia vid. Got any cool videos of tifos or crowd choreography supporting your team or school. Email us!

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