Grantland’s Official Supplemental Draft Report Card

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Terrelle Pryor

With the whirlwind that is the NFL supplemental draft coming to an end, we would like to present Grantland’s Official Supplemental Draft Report Card.

49ers: B-
Bears: B-
Bengals: B-
Bills: B-
Broncos: B-
Browns: B-
Buccaneers: B-
Cardinals: B-
Chargers: B-
Chiefs: B-
Colts: B-
Cowboys: B-
Dolphins: B-
Eagles: B-
Falcons: B-
Giants: B-
Jaguars: B-
Jets: B-
Lions: B-
Packers: B-
Panthers: B-
Patriots: B-
Raiders: B
Rams: B-
Ravens: B-
Redskins: B-
Saints: B-
Seahawks: B-
Steelers: B-
Texans: B-
Titans: B-
Vikings: B-

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