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Jalen came through this week and we couldn’t help but talk a bunch of football after the weekend we just had. We covered his Lions losing to the Saints, Tebow Tebowing the Steelers, and New York’s domination of Atlanta. We would have talked about the Bengals and the Texans, but that game was so long ago and so boring, we just decided to skip over it.

We turned our attention to the NBA a few times, including the discussion featured above, in which Jalen detailed an NBA veteran’s pregame preparation ritual. It rivals something a lady would go through on her wedding day. Who naps that much? Is there a nap room in Staples Center? Why don’t NBA players put bubbles in their bubble bath? Are they too tough for bubbles? Who is too tough for bubbles?

Oh yeah, and we both agree: Blue Ivy Carter is a silly name.

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