For Your Consideration: Kevin Durant’s Staight-to-DVD Movie

Here’s the trailer for Kevin Durant’s new straight-to-DVD movie, Thunderstruck. I’m sure there’s a plot synopsis available online somewhere, but instead of looking at it, I’m going to tell you what happens in this film based solely on this trailer.

Based on this trailer, the kid who came in third in auditions to be Percy Jackson steals Kevin Durant’s soul and uses it to impress Jim Belushi. And the only way Kevin Durant can regain his skill and the love of his wife is to take life lessons from a shooting coach who is wearing a vest. At the end of the movie, it is decided that Percy Jackson needs the talent more than Kevin Durant, so he keeps it and Kevin Durant leaves his wife and Oklahoma and joins the Merchant Marines, saluting everyone who stole from him.

I want this on Blu-ray.

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