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Question: What do you do when there’s too much NFL stuff to discuss in one podcast?

Answer: You split it up into two podcasts!

In Part 1, Cousin Sal came on to lament the latest improbable Cowboys collapse, bitch about Tebowners, figure out the playoff picture, guess the Week 14 lines, say goodbye to Jose Reyes and make another joke that we had to bleep. Here are the links for Part 1 on the ESPN.com PodCenter and iTunes.

In Part 2, my buddy Gus Ramsey (the only lifelong Broncos fan I know) came on to discuss the Tebow era, what it’s been like from the perspective of a Denver fan who never saw this coming, and whether this has the potential to be a magical Cinderella season that makes no sense whatsoever (along the lines of the ’88 Dodgers or ’01 Patriots). Here are the links for Part 2 on the ESPN.com PodCenter and iTunes.

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