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Sources say that Cousin Sal attended last night’s crushing Cowboys loss in person and was extremely bummed out exiting the stadium. According to sources, Cousin Sal even thought about canceling our weekly Guess the NFL Lines podcast, but sources say Cousin Sal sucked it up and showed up at the last minute. Sources say you can feel his pain in the first few minutes of the podcast, at least until we started talking about Tim Tebow and that despair turned to anger. According to a well-placed source, Cousin Sal may have even won Guess the Lines this week, although sources believe Simmons let him win because Simmons felt bad. Either way, sources say none of this matters now because Simmons is furious that he had to scrap today’s Day 7 NBA Christmas column because David Stern McMahon squashed the Clippers/Chris Paul trade at the last minute after Simmons made the mistake of writing 90 percent of his piece. Sources say Simmons might have to extend Day 7 to Tuesday, although a well-placed source says Simmons is scrambling to save Day 7 for Monday if he can pull off something coherent. If not, sources are saying Tuesday morning. Stay tuned.

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