B.S. Report: Celtics Play-by-Play Announcer Sean Grande and JackO

Rajon RondoWe’re on a B.S. Report binge! After Thursday’s two-parter with Bill Barnwell and Joe House, I kept the momentum going on Friday morning — with Game 7 of the Celtics-Sixers series looming, I grabbed my friend Sean Grande (Boston’s radio play-by-play guy) for a half-hour to help me break down the series and discuss things like “Will they break 150 points combined?” and “Does this even matter when Miami is probably killing either team next round?” After that, I cheered myself up by calling my buddy JackO to discuss recent rumors that his beloved Yankees might be for sale. We also talked about the Red Sox, the AL East and even belted out a few minutes of hard-core playoff hockey talk! Fine, it was totally soft-core. Enjoy the three-day weekend, everybody.

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