Announcing the Fantasy Island Contestants

Aaron RodgersFirst of all, we want to thank everyone who submitted. In all, there were almost 4,000 entries, and I speak for the rest of the staff when I say we had a great time reading through them. By the end, we all had certain ones we stood behind (I see you, dude talking to a unicorn ridden by Natalie Portman), but alas. There could only be 10. These 10, actually:

  • Ben Liebman
  • Matt Borcas
  • Stephen Whiting
  • Ramon Ramirez
  • Ryan Moskal
  • Jonathan Bales
  • Frank Dupont
  • Josh Klein
  • Katherine Gotsick
  • Shane Morris

Congratulations to those who made it through, but their work is far from over. The competition itself will be comprised of several different scoring opportunities that will be tallied each week:

  • Every Tuesday, each participant will compile a 750-word recap that details some of the key performances from the previous week’s games and key waiver wire pickups. The winning entry, as selected by the Grantland staff, will run here on the Triangle.
  • The other half of the writing portion will involve a weekly preview of each of that Sunday’s games with tips on whom to start, whom to sit, and who might be poised to surprise. The best game previews will be selected individually and combined into a collective post. The more an individual’s previews are chosen over the course of the season, the more points that individual receives.
  • The 10 finalists will comprise the Grantland Fantasy League. Points will be awarded for head-to-head victories as well as the week’s high score (those points will be added to what’s awarded for each week’s two writing tasks).

Finally, Facebook fan voting will count for the remaining points available.

Next Tuesday, the results of the league’s fantasy draft will be accompanied by each potential writer’s team name, avatar, and a short bio. The scoring will begin with a preview of Week 1 that will run that Friday.

Again, thank you to everyone for submitting and making this competition a worthwhile endeavor for us. We truly appreciate the effort and the enthusiasm. And best of luck to the finalists.

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Robert Mays is a staff writer at Grantland.

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