7-Day NBA Warning: All Mr. Softees Are on Notice

Rob Carr/Getty Images Fenway

Last night the Toronto Raptors played the New York Knicks and this happened …

Tyler Hansbrough, now a Toronto Raptor, does his Duke Nukem routine, turns around to find out his adversary is Metta World Peace, and his heart subsequently starts beating like Sasquatch feet. Fantastic. Raps-Knicks just became appointment regular-season viewing.

Oh … but there’s more. Today World Peace talked to the New York press about the incident. And it was glorious.

After praising Hansbrough and saying he reminded him of Matt Harpring (!), MWP got prosaic: “We’ve got a lot of Mister Softees now … You remember Mister Softee in New York? They’re made right from the ice cream cone. A lot of these guys, a lot of basketball players are made right from the Mister Softee Ice Cream truck … I like Mister Softee, but I don’t like playing basketball with Mister Softee. I just like Mister Softee after a nice hot summer day.”

Metta World Peace is back in NYC. The Raps play the Knicks on December 27. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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