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  • Lightning Round: Kendrick Lamar’s New Single, ‘i’

    After releasing one of the most critically acclaimed major-label debut albums in recent pop music history, Kendrick Lamar spent most of the last year becoming a household name. Now he’s back, with the first single of his still untitled follow-up to his masterpiece album, which is always a tricky proposition. It’s called ‘i.’ Here are relatively instant reactions to the track from a few Grantland staffers.

  • How Smart Are the Quirky Geniuses of ‘Scorpion’? Let’s Just Ask Them, They Can’t Shut Up About It

    Did you forget this is a show about geniuses? Don’t worry, they’ll drop that in three more times before the next ‘Big Bang Theory’ promo.

  • The Pirates’ Sabermetrics Road Show

    In his third season with the Pirates, 26-year-old Mike Fitzgerald has become something of a sabermetric pioneer, the bleeding-edge embodiment of the trend toward teamwide, data-driven decision-making that began before ‘Moneyball’ and has accelerated since. The former math major at MIT is comfortable with R, SQL, and other tools of the analyst’s trade, but every club has someone like him providing reports and recommendations. The difference is how the Pirates have deployed him.

  • The Moment Podcast: Brian Koppelman and Lawrence Block

    Lawrence Block, author of ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ and other classic crime novels, talks about the grit required to succeed at writing, running, and distance walking.

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Aphex Twin But Were Afraid to Ask (Before Today’s Release of ‘Syro’)

    Let’s say you’re a fan-not-fanatic, the type of person who can say with objectivity that Aphex Twin is one of the most respected and innovative electronic producers ever and that you owe ‘Syro’ a good deal of your time. That’s where I’m at, too, and speaking as objectively as possible, there’s a lot to like immediately.

  • A Tale of Two Halves: What Is Going On With the Niners?

    The 49ers have been two different teams this season, a dominant force in the first half and a complete mess in the second. Is it time to panic?

  • A Rare Antiquity: 10 Thoughts on Steven Soderbergh’s Black-and-White Reimagining of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

    “At some point you will say to yourself or someone THIS LOOKS AMAZING IN BLACK AND WHITE,” Steven Soderbergh wrote about a movie yesterday. He was referring to — wait for it — ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ Dr. Soderbergh had performed a new experiment at his lab over at Extension 765. First — after explaining that he wasn’t sure any of this was legal — Soderbergh drained ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ of its colors. Then he swapped out the famous John Williams score for moody Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross music from ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.’

  • Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: ‘Gotham,’ ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones,’ and the Replacements

    Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald talk ‘Gotham,’ ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones,’ and the reunion of the Replacements.

  • Wedded Blitz! The Ides of Maine

    In August, you really need to bring your society A-game if you want any chance of getting into the ‘New York Times’ “Vows” section.

  • Five Holdouts Who Changed the NHL

    Here are five players whose training camp holdouts changed the way the NHL works.

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