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  • The NBA’s E-League

    Save for two teams, the Eastern Conference is a muddled mess of mediocre players, bad executives and even worse contracts.

  • The AFC Playoff Blender

    Who are the winners and losers in the aftermath of Thursday night’s Broncos-Chargers game?

  • Afternoon Links: Community: Return of the King

    The new Community trailer will give you glimpses of Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks and Justified’s Walton Goggins. It’ll nod at the #sixseasonsandamovie campaign. It’ll even joke about Donald Glover’s impending series exit. But what it does most spectacularly is show that Dan “The Man” Harmon is back, and he’s going to run this thing like Sauron. Get ready.

  • Week 15 Fantasy Football Preview: Don’t Call It a Comeback

    Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve very likely advanced to your fantasy league’s semifinals. I’m sure this is a grueling, stressful time for you, but don’t forget to cherish the moment. While most of your fellow owners are already knee-deep in the offseason, you’re guaranteed at least one more week of roster tinkering, trash-tweeting, and […]

  • Happy Hate Joffrey Day, Game of Thrones Fans!

    I know, I know, one generally does not need an excuse, but in this, the dead of hiatus winter, The Powers That Be (i.e., the Game of Thrones Twitter and Facebook feeds) have decreed that Thursday, December 12 be set aside as a special day to “think about how much you love to hate Joffrey.” […]

  • I Suck at Football, Week 2.14: They Call Me Gavin Baseball

    Thursday 11/28 Lions 40, Packers 10 Over Thanksgiving, Lord Kelvin and Niels Bohr ask me what I think Kurt Cobain would be doing if he were alive today. I’m weirdly super-prepared for this question because I’ve spent an afternoon writing 47-Year-Old Kurt fan fiction because of this picture. In my 47-Year-Old Kurt story, 47-Year-Old Kurt […]

  • Pro Wrestling Chaos Theory

    WWE got crazy on the eve of the TLC pay-per-view, and it was glorious.

  • My Brainwash Romance of the Year: Upstream Color

    Now more than ever, pop culture is about the small stuff — an obscure TV show, a few notes in a pop song, a tweet. To celebrate a year of micro moments, every day a new Grantland writer will highlight one specific thing — a Big Little Thing — that we won’t soon forget. When […]

  • Winter Meetings Wrap: Recapping the Final Flurry of Deals and Previewing What’s Ahead

    Baseball’s winter meetings concluded with Thursday’s Rule 5 draft, where the Rangers generated some of the biggest buzz of the week by selecting Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. That tells you all you need to know. Team executives left Orlando without any major deals going down, setting the stage for a potentially busy dash to […]

  • Billy on the Street, Forcing People to Sing Christmas Carols With Amy Poehler

    1. Watch as Billy on the Street‘s Billy Eichner and his Parks and Recreation pal Amy Poehler terrorize people on the streets of Manhattan by forcibly conscripting them into an ad hoc caroling group, the remuneration for which is a single American dollar. 2. Delight in the magic of a holiday season that suddenly has […]

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