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  • Six Exciting Ways to Lose Money Over the Coming English Premier League Season

    A new Premiership season approaches! The ex-best league in the world springs back into action on Saturday, and it’s shaping up to be a classic, destined to be closer to the nonstop thrill ride of the 2011-12 season than the processional inevitability of 2012-13. If the bookmakers are to be believed, the 2013-14 vintage will […]

  • Ten Minutes With A’s Pitcher Brett Anderson

    For a pitcher who’s been in the majors fewer than five seasons, Brett Anderson has had a pretty eventful career. Anderson made the Show as a 21-year-old, making 30 starts, posting a strikeout-to-walk rate better than 3-to-1, and finishing sixth in Rookie of the Year voting. The left-hander was good enough and underrated enough by […]

  • Mark Wahlberg Is Ready to Put on the Iron Man Suit

    The franchise is in good hands.

  • ALERT: America's Team Got Some New Uniforms

    Pictured above are the new alternate jerseys for the Detroit Pistons, a.k.a. Detroit Rack City, a.k.a. America’s Team. Here’s Greg Monroe introducing them on Instagram: Oh man, Greg Monroe is just FULL of personality. He’s a rock star. But yeah, as for the jerseys … what do you think? One the one hand, we support […]

  • The Accidental Superstar

    Daniel Bryan somehow convinced WWE that he’s a star. Now can he convince himself?

  • Jalen Rose Report With David Jacoby (Plus Video!)

    Jalen and Jacoby discuss the Kendrick Lamar verse that broke Twitter, Russell Westbrook’s silly outfits, ESPN Forecast’s NBA predictions, and why Jalen has Chris Bosh’s wallet. A check out the video below, featuring Jalen’s reactions to Russ’s sartorial decisions. Listen to this podcast on ESPN Podcenter, or on iTunes.

  • The Bridge Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: Throwing Money in the Fire in 'ID'

    As we approach the halfway point of its debut season, The Bridge remains a very good show that tantalizingly flirts with greatness. “ID” excelled in all the ways previous episodes have: by crafting a dust-choked mood of dread and despair, by spending as much time scratching out the complicated pasts of the protagonists as it […]

  • Why Orange Is The New Black Can't Lose Laura Prepon

    Yesterday Buzzfeed reported that Laura Prepon, the owner of the most critically divisive eyebrows on Orange Is the New Black, was springing herself from women’s prison, returning for the second season only long enough to close the arc of Piper’s hot ex, Alex Vause. An hour and a half after the news had been posted […]

  • Under Pressure: Why Does the Premier League Play So Fast?

    Over the past five years or so, the Premier League has become almost uniformly focused on playing fast-paced soccer. It may be the legacy of Jose Mourinho’s first Chelsea teams, which dominated through staunch defense, brute force, and physical transitions into attack, or it may be a reflection of the increasing fiscal dominance of the […]

  • You Got Served

    The limits of pulp in The Butler and Kick-Ass 2.

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