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  • B.S. Report: Dave Zirin and Rick Rosner

    It’s Smart Guy Wednesday! Dave Zirin from The Nation give his take on politics in sports. Later, Bill talks to his friend Rick Rosner about amping up his Twitter presence. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • How the Orioles Can Buck the Odds and Make a Playoff Run

    The pennant race isn’t heating up anymore. It’s here, it’s hot and it’s wonderful. Now we can start really picking apart the chances of teams that are, as of now, on the outside looking in. One of the more interesting cases belongs to the Baltimore Orioles. Last year’s Orioles were the physical manifestation of “You […]

  • Diving Into the Red Sea at Taylor Swift's Sold-Out Staples Center Concert

    Taylor Swift is in the middle of a sold-out four-night engagement at Staples Center in Los Angeles, and Grantland writers Molly Lambert and Emily Yoshida could not resist the pull of Swiftmania. Last night, they surrendered themselves to the beckoning calls of 15,000 screaming fans, and from their stage-left nosebleed seats they witnessed an evening […]

  • The LARRY SANDERS! Show: What the Bucks Big Man Must Do to Justify His New Contract

    John Hammond and Larry Drew, the Bucks’ GM and new head coach, sat together watching practice at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas last month lamenting a little thing in LARRY SANDERS!’s offense. SANDERS! was just barely hamstringing his team’s scoring chances as the screen-setter on pick-and-rolls. “There it is again!” Hammond would exclaim […]

  • YouTube Hall of Drunk

    The World’s End arrives in theaters this weekend to finish out the dog days of summer movie season with two things that never fail: alcohol and aliens. We decided to focus on the alcohol part this week and bring you our favorite scenes of liquid intoxication from film and TV. So pour yourself a glass […]

  • Derek Jeter's Diary: 'Giant Centaur Mode Activated'

    The baseball season is a long and lonely road. To preserve his sanity, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter keeps a diary. These are excerpts from The Captain’s private journal. Wednesday, August 14: vs. Los Angeles Angels People like to say there’s magic in the pinstripes. You never want to reduce Yankee tradition to something as simple […]

  • Is It Time for Jets Fans to Defect?

    Plus: sympathy for the Sabres faithful and Malkin’s dad in the Bake Shop mailbag!

  • Hard Knocks, Episode 3: The Rookies Take Center Stage

    “Football’s a test of a man’s will against another man’s will,” Hue Jackson told us last night on Hard Knocks. “Who’s going to break first? Who’s willing to get dirty? You gotta hunt, man. You gotta hunt. Gotta make people say uncle.” But before all that, there was the rookie talent show.

  • Game of Thrones Offseason Report: What Have Your Favorite Westerosians Been Up to This Summer?

    It has been 73 days since the world enjoyed a new episode of Game of Thrones. Hopefully, it won’t be long until you’ve recovered from the shock of the Red Wedding. If you’re still reeling, wondering how [SPOILER ALERT, but come on now, this is for people who watch the show] you’ll go on without […]

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