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  • The Other Paul Anderson: The Psychotic Action Vision of ‘Pompeii’ Director Paul W.S. Anderson

    Paul W.S. Anderson is a visionary director.

    Those visions include a red-drenched adaptation of the most popular fighting video game of all time, a mash-up of two iconic science fiction monsters, and a steampunked take on a classic 19th century adventure novel. But they are visions nonetheless, and authentically crafted.

  • Russell Westbrook: The Point and the Counterpoint

    Are the Thunder better without Russell Westbrook? Your answer to that question depends on which types of “facts” you lean on.

  • Sticks and Stones

    Jose Mourinho knows how to lie in a way that sounds deeper than the truth. Of his many usefully unscrupulous talents, this is one of the most useful and least scrupulous. He says things that he knows are untrue, and that you know are untrue, and that he knows you know are untrue, but that somehow or other just stick. In 2005, during his first run as the manager of Chelsea, he called Arsene Wenger a “voyeur” when the Arsenal boss publicly questioned Mourinho’s transfer policy.

  • ‘Pompeii’ Fizzles, But Is ‘3 Days to Kill’ the Start of the Costner Comeback?

    In the months leading up to the release of ‘Titanic,’ you could sense people rooting for a disaster — not that the boat would sink, but that James Cameron would. Some people wanted a big, gassy mess that made you laugh because the acting was lousy, the effects looked cheap, and the story came straight from the back of cocktail napkin. What those people really wanted was ‘Pompeii,’ which is what would happen if a blockbuster ran out of Cameron and had to start using Cecil B. DeMeh.

  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: Hey, Look, ‘Real World’ Has Another Cast Member!

    This week, reality TV spawned a mystery fetus on ‘Real World,’ caused a woman to leave ‘The Bachelor’ because of superior intelligence, and bid adieu to the surprise delight that was Season 2 of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

  • The Jalen Rose Report With David Jacoby (With Video!)

    Jalen Rose and David Jacoby take a look at the NBA trade deadline, give their thoughts on the video of Ray Rice, and disapprove of KD’s new nickname.

  • Why Haven’t Athletes Protested at the Sochi Games?

    Before the Sochi Games, many expected athletes to become engaged politically and challenge Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws, but there were very real blockades that would prevent that from becoming a reality.

  • 2014 Grantland Oscars Preview: Best Director

    Grantland’s Wesley Morris and Chris Connelly break down the Best Director category, which comes down to the directors of two excellent movies that couldn’t be more different. Will Steve McQueen’s heart-wrenching ’12 Years a Slave’ or Alfonso Cuarón’s technically brilliant ‘Gravity’ win?

  • Olympic Hockey Grab Bag: Is It Time to Panic Yet?

    Welcome to a weekly grab bag of thoughts and observations from the past few days and/or decades of hockey.

  • After Normal

    ‘Looking’ is essentially a half-hour dramatic sitcom about three friends — Patrick, Agustín, and Dom — in their late twenties to very early forties in San Francisco. One’s white, one’s Latino, and one’s got a mustache. They’re all gay. The show airs Sundays on HBO, after ‘Girls,’ and its structure should be familiar to anyone who’s turned on a television since the advent of ‘Mary Tyler Moore.’

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