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  • The Michigan State Locker Room Will Never Stop Going In

    Question: How do you top a college football coach leading a locker room–wide rendition of Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way” to celebrate a regular-season win over his team’s biggest rival? Answer: By using said locker room celebration as a springboard to winning the conference, inviting Rich Homie Quan to be on your sideline in […]

  • NFL Playoffs Stock Watch: Which Units Are Trending Upward/Downward As the Postseason Begins?

    Since moving to Baltimore, the Ravens’ identity has been mostly tied up in one thing: defense. It was how they won their first Super Bowl, it’s the side of the ball where their stars played, and when we look back on the first two decades of Ravens football, it’s what we’ll all remember. But last […]

  • The Bachelor (Finally) Returns This Sunday, But Have We Already Enjoyed Our First Sacrifice to the Gods of ForeverLove?

    … and we have our first nervous breakdown! And the show hasn’t even premiered yet! Will this be the best season ever, because the pressure of getting a First Impression™ rose has already destroyed at least one fragile seeker several days before the latest cycle even begins? Are you already picturing a broken figure, kneeling […]

  • Kimye’s Matchy-Matchy Surgery, Leo’s Oscar Blues … and More Predictions From This Year’s Tabloids

    You remember the show Early Edition, in which Kyle “Coach Taylor” Chandler was privy to newspapers that hadn’t come out yet? Well, I’ve inherited his character’s powers and have been granted advance access to the tabloids of 2014. Here are the best stories of the year, from the future! Kimye: After finally seeing Behind the Candelabra a year after everyone […]

  • The Designated Player: The Not Top 10 of MLS 2013

    If you’re not sick of top 10s of the year by this time, you should be. Fun as they are, most sane people find them as appetizing as turkey right now. I’m going to try not to add to the glut and instead, by way of marking the new year, share just a few off-field […]

  • Shia LaBeouf Tweets His Latest Apology to Daniel Clowes … in the Sky

    Last year/two and a half weeks ago, Shia LaBeouf ripped off a comic by Daniel Clowes for his short film Remember that? Of course not; the whole point of New Year’s is to reboot your brain and empty it of these items to make space for more. I’m sorry to clutter your hard drive, […]

  • The NBA’s Winter of Discontent: All the Drama You Might Have Missed This Week

    Man, the holiday hangover hit the NBA with a force this week. After a quintupleheader of games on Christmas, you might have thought it was safe to turn your back on the league and spend some time with your family or your Xbox One. You would be wrong. As we like to say, some amazing […]

  • The Hobbit Was 2013’s Most Pirated Movie

    Nowadays, films can get the dubious honor of being the year’s most illegally downloaded feature. There’s no Oscar-style trophy, but there is a specific number for directors and film execs to have nightmares about, a precise, staggering total of how many millions swiped the movie from the dark corners of the Internet, paying $0.00 in […]

  • About Last Night: Big House Party

    In case you wasted your one phone call on Shane Ryan, here’s what you missed in sports on New Year’s Day: It was a snowy Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium, where the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Detroit Red Wings, 3-2, in a shootout in front of more than 105,000 fans. “It was too cold […]

  • These Things Will Happen

    Our staff’s fearless predictions for 2014.

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