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  • MLB 18-Day Warning: Shirseys!

    The baseball shirsey is the best piece of fan gear in sports. Looking to grow your collection? Here are the top 10 shirsey options right now. (Note: This may or may not be a scientific study.)

  • The James Brown Biopic Has a Trailer and the Real Music

    Also in the Afternoon Links: The full Prince/Zooey Deschanel collabo, a stellar ‘Letterman’ performance by New York rapper Le1f, and Depressed Darth Vader’s ‘Episode VII’ ultimatum for J.J. Abrams.

  • Who’s That Guy? Cincinnati Coach Mick Cronin

    After some initial struggles, Cronin now has the Bearcats back among college basketball’s elite.

  • Stars: They’re Nothing Like You, So Just Stop Talking to Them

    Trigger warning: Do not read if you’re allergic to the real. There is something that needs to be addressed. Right now. Because we’re running out of time. So get ready. Because I’m about to say it. On the next line. We, the collection of nonfamous people, have to stop approaching celebrities in public. It’s over. […]

  • Best/Worst: Five Laws of Free Agency, the Goddamn Patriots, and the Hammer

    The biggest story in sports this week was NFL free agency, and it was actually kind of great to have football back in our lives. Making fun of the Raiders and Browns, hating the Patriots out of blind jealousy, wondering how much methamphetamine it takes to keep Adam Schefter running on a daily basis. It […]

  • Big Bets

    How much cheating is there in tennis? The fear is that any corruption at all will taint all competition. If you can’t trust the fairness of one match, you can’t trust any. This isn’t a problem only for tennis; it’s a problem for sports.

  • Steve Nash at ‘The Finish Line’

    Watch all the episodes of this exclusive Grantland series chronicling Steve Nash’s trying season with the Lakers, from grueling rehab and the frustrations of being a salary-cap figure to the glory of returning to the court and the reality of a devastating setback. Bill Simmons on Steve Nash approaching ‘The Finish Line’ B.S. Report: Steve […]

  • Grantland Audibles: Schoolboy Q’s Hunger Pains

    In the latest edition of Grantland Audibles, we hang out with rising Los Angeles MC Schoolboy Q.

  • The Lady Gaga Forced Outrageousness Meter: Vomiting Onstage at SXSW Edition

    Jay and Ye aren’t the only superstars at South by Southwest this week. Lady Gaga’s also in town, and she’s working to raise more eyebrows than she ever did around the launch of Artpop. Techniques include being roasted on a spit and being vomited on.

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