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  • The 2014 Luke Walton All-Stars

    It’s a who’s who of non-serious players that are getting serious minutes. Plus, 10 things to like (and not like) in the NBA.

  • Afternoon Links: Would You Like to See Seth Meyers’s Late Night Set?

    Well, so would he. The joint’s not quite ready yet, but it does happen to be within spitting distance of SNL‘s Studio 8H. Once it’s all built and Seth’s new desk shows up and everything, Late Night will embark on a voyage fairly unlike the one chartered by Jimmy Fallon, according to Time. Sketches will […]

  • Are You Pissed Off for Greatness?

    Some of the Internet’s greatest gifts are the absurd hype videos that get posted on YouTube before any big sporting event. They are stupid and formulaic, full of cheesy music and highlights, and I will love them until the end of time. With that in mind, there’s only one way to prepare for the national […]

  • Sasheer Zamata Is the New Black Female SNL Cast Member

    After a strikingly pallid crop of new cast members in 2013, followed by a loud public outcry, followed by a few self-deprecating jokes and a Kerry Washington hosting spot, ultimately leading to solid rumors of a midseason ethno-specific casting hunt, Saturday Night Live has finally found its new black female cast member. We did it! […]

  • Announcing Has a Problem: The Most Annoying Tic in Broadcasting Today

    If you made an exhaustive list of all the sports announcers who drive fans crazy, Al Michaels would either settle in somewhere near the bottom or not show up at all. Michaels is generally beloved. In part because he co-announces the most polished three hours of sports broadcasting currently on the air. In part because […]

  • About That Idris Elba Tweet This Weekend

    This happened over the weekend and no one cared and it didn’t matter.

  • Juventus Midfielder Arturo Vidal Is So Good, It’s Unfair

    At least with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the things they do can’t be replicated. Messi’s less a soccer player, and more an extraterrestrial sprite, gliding in and out of different dimensions, scoring goals just to show humans how inadequate we really are. Ronaldo’s a fully groomed Zeus-tank who explodes the sport just to show […]

  • Steven Seagal Pretends to Mull Run for Arizona Governor, Pretends to Know What He’s Talking About

    No, Steven Seagal isn’t running for governor. But he’ll pretend to do so as long as it might get you to watch his TV show. While plugging Steven Seagal: Lawman — Maricopa County on a local ABC affiliate in Arizona, the ol’ face-kicker let loose a casual “Joe Arpaio and I are talking about me […]

  • B.S. Report: Cousin Sal and Aaron Schatz

    Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal discuss Round 1 of the NFL playoffs, then Football Outsiders’s Aaron Schatz joins the show to break down the Round 2 matchups. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • Midseason TV Preview: January Is the New Fall

    For shivering bootblacks in Westeros or frustrated TV fans here on Earth, the phrase “winter is coming” was once equally terrifying. One promised an interminable tundra of life-freezing ice; the other the same thing but with reruns. (Your mileage may vary on which sounds worse.) Now, for the hardy Earthling at least, winter is suddenly […]

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