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  • Why Haven’t Athletes Protested at the Sochi Games?

    Before the Sochi Games, many expected athletes to become engaged politically and challenge Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws, but there were very real blockades that would prevent that from becoming a reality.

  • 2014 Grantland Oscars Preview: Best Director

    Grantland’s Wesley Morris and Chris Connelly break down the Best Director category, which comes down to the directors of two excellent movies that couldn’t be more different. Will Steve McQueen’s heart-wrenching ’12 Years a Slave’ or Alfonso Cuarón’s technically brilliant ‘Gravity’ win?

  • Olympic Hockey Grab Bag: Is It Time to Panic Yet?

    Welcome to a weekly grab bag of thoughts and observations from the past few days and/or decades of hockey.

  • After Normal

    ‘Looking’ is essentially a half-hour dramatic sitcom about three friends — Patrick, Agustín, and Dom — in their late twenties to very early forties in San Francisco. One’s white, one’s Latino, and one’s got a mustache. They’re all gay. The show airs Sundays on HBO, after ‘Girls,’ and its structure should be familiar to anyone who’s turned on a television since the advent of ‘Mary Tyler Moore.’

  • Hollywood Archaeology: The TV Show Tonya Harding Kneecapped

    Twenty years ago, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan took to the ice in the women’s figure skating short program at the 1994 Winter Olympics. High-stakes sporting events always carry suspense, but this had drama beyond a network executive’s wildest imagination.

  • Breaking Down the Complete Madness of USA-Canada’s Gold-Medal Game

    The only open questions were who would win, how it would end, and just how crazy things could get in between. The answers: Canada; in overtime; and “beyond anything you could imagine.”

  • Snow Remorse: Carolina Storms to Victory

    I just watched Duke, which I believe to be among the best teams in the country, lose a game because of three classic mistakes: choking under pressure, choking under pressure, and choking LIKE STUPID $%#*^$ IDIOTS under pressure.

  • Frankensteined ‘Anchorman 2’ Seeks Vengeance With All-New Jokes

    By the end of that 40-year campaign trail, it felt like ‘Anchorman 2’ had coursed all the way through our veins before it even premiered. Then $169.3 million worth of folks saw it anyway, and now Paramount’s reaching for the Triple Bold Semi–George Lucas Style sauce and rereleasing the movie. The extended, R-rated version will feature 95 percent new jokes. But does that mean we need it out in the world?

  • About Last Night: Blame Canada

    In case you were busy saying a long good-bye to Steve Blake, here’s what you missed in sports on Thursday.

  • Talking Tree vs. Talking Raccoon, in Brief

    Watch Vin Diesel very, very briefly talk about playing a talking tree.

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