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  • Rick’s Three Questions: The Walking Dead Midseason Finale ‘Too Far Gone’

    At long last, after slogging like a one-legged walker through a Georgia mud slick, The Walking Dead reached the Season 3 finale Season 4 midway point with all the subtlety of a tank storming a prison wall. Beloved characters died; not-so-beloved characters died. The prison went up in a final symbolic fire. The result: a […]

  • The Weekend in Hockey: Basically, Canada Is So Sad Right Now

    A look at three of the biggest stories from the NHL weekend and how they’ll play into the coming days. The Stats Guys Are Happy, So the Leafs Must be Losing Early in the season, we presented the 2013-14 Toronto Maple Leafs as the canary in the advanced-stats mine shaft — the ultimate test case […]

  • Death Is in the Details: The Cringey Not-Quite-Comedy of Getting On

    Death is all over cable TV. You can find it walking, talking, and generally bleeding into every series, and why not? When it comes to surprising audiences, scaring complacent actors, or merely shaking up the status quo, there’s nothing more dependable than death. What television — and, if we’re being honest, culture in general — tends […]

  • NFL Winners and Losers, Starring Alshon Jeffery, Our Lord and Savior

    It’s Monday after Thanksgiving, everyone’s a little bit fatter, nobody wants to be at work, and the NFL is heading into the home stretch. To help you make sense of the world on this extra-miserable Monday-morning existence, let’s keep things nice and disorganized and sort though some NFL winners and losers after Week 13. We’ll […]

  • Elan vs. Diane: Missing Manners in the Latest Viral Twitter Hoax

    Lately, we’ve been really digging Twitter-feed field reporting. Remember when Kyle Ayers documented a couple breaking up on his rooftop? As concerned as we are over the NSA, we can’t help but spy on each other whenever we’re commingling in public places. Eavesdropping now belongs to tweets-or-it-didn’t-happen territory, even though Twitter proof is flimsy at […]

  • College Football, Week 14: In Which the Devil You Don’t Know Beats the Devil You Do

    (Mood music.) Conference championship games begin four days from now. The schedule narrows and the stakes elevate from here. But we can’t leave this weekend behind. Not just yet. The last full blast of the regular season, in all its usual home-and-home-jersey-wearing, weird-ass-trophy-presenting, mutual-offsetting-unsportsmanlike-conduct-penalties-awarding glory, is an annual reminder of why college football is the […]

  • Paul Walker: 1973-2013

    On Saturday, the actor Paul Walker — best known for playing cop turned adrenaline-junkie outlaw Brian O’Conner in 2001’s The Fast and the Furious and four of the five demented/delightful sequels that film spawned — was killed in a car wreck in Santa Clarita, California. The idea of the guy from the car-crash movies dying […]

  • About Last Whatever: Iron Bowl Chaos

    In case you were busy foolishly enjoying the company of friends and family this holiday season without a television on in the background, here’s what you missed in sports over the holiday: In one of the most stunning endings to a football game in recent memory, Auburn shocked Alabama in the Iron Bowl, winning 34-28 […]

  • Box Office Top Five: Catching Fire and Frozen Lead Record-Breaking Thanksgiving Weekend

    You thought you were just escaping your family and catching a flick over the holiday weekend, but you were actually MAKING HISTORY. The five-day nationwide box office total climbed to $294 million, setting an all-time Thanksgiving record. Thus we’re giving you the five-day grosses rather than the usual weekend tallies. 1. The Hunger Games: Catching […]

  • The New Pippen

    Andre Iguodala, one of the most versatile players in the NBA, could be the key to a championship in Golden State, but it took him years to find the right teammates — and some respect.

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