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  • #HotSportsTakes: The Knicks Are Sick, But Dr. Phil Ain’t the Answer

    In today’s America, it’s more lucrative to look smart than be smart. I mean, you do the math. Jackson is making $60 million over the next five years.

  • Who Else Wants to Slap King Joffrey’s Smug Face Right Off the Newsstand?

    Totally honest question: Is it OK to want to punch a magazine cover?

  • Q&A: Goran Dragic on Being Fearless, Playing His Game, and ‘Words With Friends’

    Even if Phoenix finishes out of the playoffs, it will go down as one of the great stories of this NBA season — a fast-paced scoring machine, bombing 3-pointers and outrunning every reasonable internal and external expectation. Dragic reflected on it all and more during a one-on-one with Grantland in Brooklyn on Monday.

  • Wu-Tang, Atomically

    As with most tales of great American fortitude, the Wu-Tang Clan’s starts at the bottom. Robert Diggs spent his early life in poverty, shuttling between two-bedroom apartments projects in Brownsville, Brooklyn and Stapleton, Staten Island that were bursting with his sprawling family. “Your bed was whatever spot you could grab on the floor,” he’d later write in ‘The Tao of Wu.’ “Your blankets were those gray wool mats that movers used to protect furniture.” His life was defined by hardship, not opportunity. Which is why he decided to create his own.

  • ‘True Detective’ Season 2: What’s the ‘Secret Occult History of the U.S. Transportation System’?

    Series creator Nic Pizzolatto gave some insight into what kind of crimes could build on the momentum of Season 1, stating that plenty of conspiracies spring to mind if “you’ve been reading about the last 40 years of Southern California government.”

  • Gazprom, Zenit St. Petersburg, and the Intersection of Global Politics and World Football

    You can’t really talk about Zenit St. Petersburg without talking about their ownership. That means you have to talk about Gazprom. And it’s impossible to talk about Russia’s state-controlled energy giant without talking about much more than sports.

  • Le Retour de Patrick Roy

    What makes all of Roy’s returns to Montreal so enjoyable is that — blessed by the hand of time — they’re merely delightful excuses to recall the truly bonkers way he initially departed in 1995.

  • Moneybrackets: Win Your Pool by Avoiding These 10 Mistakes

    You want to win your bracket pool. I know this. I also know it’s not for the money, or even for “bragging rights.” You want to win for the same reason I want to win: It gives you the temporary feeling that you actually know something, that you are more insightful than the average person.

  • ‘Justified’ Recap: A Heavy ‘Weight’

    On this week’s ‘Justified,’ the Crowes drive the story engine, with Raylan and Boyd and Ava’s tribulations interspersed throughout; some crucial dropped threads pick back up; and Danny and Dewey get nicknames!

  • After Harold Ramis’s Death, Director Ivan Reitman Departs ‘Ghostbusters 3’

    “I’d rather just produce this ‘Ghostbusters,’” says Reitman, who directed the franchise’s original pair of films, as well as ‘Stripes’ and ‘Meatballs.’ “I told them I thought I could help but let’s find a really good director and make it with him.”

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