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  • True Blood Gets Its True Death, But the Show Died a Long Time Ago

    Someone asked me recently if I’ve ever had to break up with a television show, and I had to think about it. I’ve had short-lived affairs with shows that burned hot and fast and disappeared just as quickly. I’ve picked up and repeatedly dropped other shows before deciding that lukewarm interest is even worse than hatred, since […]

  • Pitchers' Duel Diary: Clayton Kershaw vs. History (a.k.a. Pedro Martinez)

    In this series for pitching junkies, we anticipate one excellent matchup per week and diarize it to learn something about the practitioners of the Mound Arts. In the process, we also discover meaningful things about ourselves and our lives through the lens of baseball. There is always a lesson at the end. Each pitchers’ duel […]

  • B.S. Report: Annual NFL Over/Under Pod With Cousin Sal

    Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal are back with even more NFL gambling advice! For this podcast, Joe House joins Bill and Cousin Sal to break down all the prop bets they like for the upcoming season. Check out the podcast below, and watch the clip to see the boys speculate about which coach’s head will […]

  • About Last Night: Red Sox Strike Back

    In case you were busy squeezing in one last fantasy draft so that you could ironically take Mark Sanchez in the second round, here’s what you missed in sports on Tuesday: Jon Lester outdueled Max Scherzer, as the Red Sox beat the Tigers 2-1, denying Scherzer his 20th win. “I failed myself, I failed my […]

  • Guess Who's Bizack: Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show

    Welcome back, sir.

  • The NFL's Rising Teams

    In Part 3 of our team-by-team preview, we look at the franchises that will be taking a step forward in 2013.

  • Afternoon Links: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, Obviously

    Vanilla Ice has a Wikipedia page that is roughly 500 times the length that you would expect it to be. I’m kind of stuck on the paragraphs describing how he let his friends tattoo him when he was on a drug binge and the chronicle of when his pets, a wallaroo and a goat, ran […]

  • You Can Go Home Again: The Trend of USMNT Players Signing With MLS Clubs

    This summer five USMNT players have signed or re-signed with MLS clubs. The most significant of those was Clint Dempsey, who shocked the American soccer community by transferring to the Seattle Sounders from Tottenham Hotspur. Two weeks later, 24-year-old Galaxy center back Omar Gonzalez, the 2011 MLS Defender of the Year and 2012 MLS Cup […]

  • Gary Payton Says John Stockton Was Harder to Guard Than Michael Jordan

    You may have seen this story floating around the Internet today. Example: Gary Payton says John Stockton was harder to guard than Michael Jordan. "You never could get in his head." (via @YahooSports) — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 3, 2013 As he told Marc J. Spears over at Yahoo Sports, “Those battles [with Jordan] were a […]

  • The Kardashiad, Part 25: Bareback Was Her Middle Name

    Khloe and Kim are taking pictures of Bernard Hopkins with some kind of papier-mâché unicorn horn glued to his head. With an inflection that suggests she legitimately doesn’t know the answer to the question, Khloe asks Kim, “Do you take naps?” Kim says, “I haven’t yet, but I’m really in the mood for one right […]

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