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  • It's Time to Fix the MLB Schedule Problem

    No point in baseball’s schedule underscores its unfairness more starkly than September. No team is getting screwed worse than the Baltimore Orioles as a result. Over the final 34 days of the regular season, the O’s will receive just one day off. That’s a calendar quirk that will severely test even an expanded roster. The […]

  • Katy Perry's 'Roar' Is More of the Same Sugar and Sparkle and Sunshine, But Damn It, That's OK

    Although Katy Perry had a prestigious show-closing spot at the VMAs, her much-hyped outdoor performance of Prism’s first single, “Roar,” ended up being pretty anticlimactic. The apricot vinyl twerkery of one Miley Destiny Hope Cyrus monopolized the entire VMA news cycle, with a couple of spare words sprinkled in for the ‘N Sync reunion. Barely a word […]

  • B.S. Report: Danny Ainge

    Bill Simmons talks to Celtics GM Danny Ainge about the Brooklyn trade, losing Doc Rivers, and his time playing in the NBA. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • About Last Night: Peyton's Seventh Heaven

    In case you were busy getting so jacked for football that you passed out at 1:30, here’s what you missed in sports last night: Peyton Manning was at his best, throwing for an NFL record-tying seven touchdowns in the Broncos’ 49-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens. “Yeah, but who has the biggest yacht?” asked monocle-and–top […]

  • Place Your Bets!

    Let’s kick off the NFL season with a trip to Las Vegas to put our money where our mouth is.

  • Afternoon Links: James Franco Egged My House

    Once upon a time in 1992, a young James Franco egged a house. That’s just how young poets roll. The home belonged to the parents of the founder of the Bureau of Trade, a “curated digital marketplace” that now features a pinboard of sorts devoted to young Franco, with his apology letter as its centerpiece. […]

  • Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, and Tate Donovan

    This week the Hollywood Prospectus podcast is better late than never. Look, we had to go over the carpeting a few times to get that gasoline smell out. That was a weird party. Anyway, as usual, Andy and I talked about the most recent episode of Breaking Bad. Andy was over the moon, and quick […]

  • The Broncos and Ravens and Some Predictions for Football's Welcome Back Party

    We made it. We did it. Bill Simmons almost killed Robert Mays with the warning series. Bill Barnwell wrote 200,000 words every day and didn’t even seem to blink, which is maybe more concerning. There was baseball that happened. Brian Phillips told us about that soccer photo shoot. Johnny Manziel pissed off the entire world. […]

  • The Official Grantland Super Bowl Odds: Helping You Spend Your Money Since, Well, Today

    The 2013 NFL season is finally here. That means it’s time to talk about football, fantasy, and of course, gambling. In an effort to reduce the inconsistent numbers floating around due to the existence of so many viable sportsbooks, we’re unveiling the Official Grantland Super Bowl Odds. We considered multiple sportsbooks in assembling these odds, […]

  • Girls in Hoodies Podcast: True Blood, Burning Man, and the James Franco Roast

    This week, Grantland’s Rembert Browne dropped by the Hoodie Clubhouse to recap his actually-pretty-fun-sounding adventures at Burning Man, the famed festival/temporary city/art space that sets up shop every summer in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. $400 for a week without money or cell phones and 8 a.m. dubstep alarms? Sign us up! We also […]

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