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  • Gwyneth Paltrow, Human After All

    “What is Gwyneth Paltrow doing right now?” is a question you probably find yourself asking a hundred times a day, while you wish that goop published daily (hourly, even!). Just reading a few goop installments, it’s impossible not to start thinking in a goop voice. What is a goop voice? It’s like listening to your narcissistic friend talk about where she summered, what she […]

  • Second Chances and Second Choices: How Charlie Strong Assembled the Nation’s Least-Likely BCS Contender

    A few months after he was hired to repair the devastation caused by Hurricane Kragthorpe, University of Louisville football coach Charlie Strong delivered a recruiting update to a small flock of Cardinals faithful at a private tailgating bar near Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. This kind of thing would be insignificant in most Southern football towns, […]

  • The Andy Greenwald Podcast: Breaking Bad Director Michelle MacLaren on Last Night's Episode and Her Time on the Show

    If there’s an episode of Breaking Bad that has given you agita, chances are it was directed by Michelle MacLaren. The shootout with the twins, Hank’s toilet-bowl realization, Skyler and Marie fighting over the baby: all the work of a cheerful Canadian who once had to sleep with the light on to avoid nightmares. Last […]

  • Questions and Answers Surrounding the USMNT's Loss in Costa Rica and Upcoming Clash With Mexico

    So, the United States men’s national team went to another tiny Central American nation in World Cup qualifying and lost, falling 3-1 to Costa Rica on Friday night. I thought we were done with this type of ridiculousness. Short answer: no. Medium answer: Welcome to CONCACAF. Longer answer: It meant more to the Ticos, and […]

  • The 30: Cards' Rotating Rotation

    After starting the season with an embarrassment of pitching riches, St. Louis is trying to keep its staff together long enough to make it to October.

  • Toronto Film Festival Diary: Oscar Tyranny, Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix, and Our Lord and Savior Matthew McConaughey

    When this vast, important film festival — street name: “TIFF” — moved its hub to downtown Toronto, it was a win. The streets are smaller. The food is better. And so are the multiplexes and nightlife. There are also fewer businesspeople to trip over and protests to avoid. (I’m not kidding: I have missed the […]

  • NFL Run & Shootaround: Begin the Begin

    On any given Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday), your NFL Run & Shootaround crew will be gathered around multiple televisions, making inappropriate jokes and generally regressing to the mean. Catch up on all the NFL action right here. May This Be the Age of Positivity (and Beneficial Late-Game Penalties) Sean Fennessey: Geno. GENO. GENO. GE. […]

  • Wild Is the Wind

    Serena Williams, against the elements, triumphs again in Flushing.

  • College Football, Week 2: Overcorrections, Ahoy

    Last week: Nobody was anybody, not even Alabama. This week: Several anybodies emerged, and a stunning, sudden trio of nobodies made their own craters. Your Right Door Is Ajar Have you ever heard a discussion about the Best Jobs In College Football, as though that were a readily quantifiable thing, that didn’t include Florida, Texas, […]

  • Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13 Recap: A Gut-Wrenching Showdown in 'To'hajiilee'

    There’s a certain type of silence that can be excruciating. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve all not heard it: Squirming in the dentist’s chair, anticipating the drill. A baby’s face the second before the tears arrive. The terrifying space between someone hitting play and a Lumineers song actually beginning. It’s not a deafening […]

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