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  • Can Orlando Conjure a Superstar?

    For a team operating outside the national radar since the Dwight Howard fiasco, the Orlando Magic stir a lot of debate among curious front-office types from the league’s 29 other teams. The Magic in these arguments are either an intriguing young team hoarding a lucrative trove of assets, or an uninspiring collection of pieces with no clear path back to 50 wins.

  • Jimmy Fallon’s First ‘Tonight Show’ Is Coming Right Up, and He Might Be a Tiny Bit Nervous

    Also in the Afternoon Links: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 trailer, Ellen Page’s coming-out speech, and actual members of Congress reading ‘House of Cards’ lines.

  • A Day in the Life of Paul Millsap, the Anonymous NBA All-Star

    Even if you’re a basketball fan, there’s a decent chance you don’t know who he is. That’s what happens when you’re the quiet one in a league that depends on its stars being loud, culturally relevant figures.

  • ‘Girls': Friendship Is Magic

    Have you ever had a friend who had a really terrible quality, like narcissism or a heroin habit, but they had figured out how to process any criticism lobbed their way by shrugging their shoulders and going, “Well, nobody’s perfect! My flaws are just a part of my charm!” What both that friend and ‘Girls’ fail to realize is that being self-aware of your more unpleasant attributes doesn’t make them more interesting or tolerable.

  • Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: ‘House of Cards,’ ‘True Detective,’ and ‘Transparent’

    Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald discuss some of the buzziest shows on TV.

  • Cross My Heart

    This is the one thing even the brambles probably knew about cross-country skiing: It ends in carnage. Bodies splayed across the finish area, heaving, gasping, panting. The skiers are sprawled on the snow because they cannot stand. Their bodies will not support them. Sometimes they have to rely on adrenaline just to get across the line. With lactic acid flooding her muscles 200 meters before the finish line, the anchor of the Finnish team, Lahteenmaki, told afterward, “I thought I would fall down.”

  • Skin in the Game

    Most new series feel like calculations. When it premiered in early 2013, Cinemax’s ‘Banshee’ felt like a dare.

  • The Designated Player: Rancid’s Musical Differences

    The Bay Area punk legends, and their divided MLS allegiances, spawn two fantastic team anthems.

  • Kanye Added a Verse to “Drunk in Love,” Is Cool with Drake

    Kanye releases a very special Valentine’s Day remix of Beyoncé’s hit, and quashes the Drake–‘Rolling Stone’ beef.

  • The Human Drama

    I don’t think you can truly appreciate the Winter Games unless you grew up watching ABC’s Wide World of Sports, on which a lot of the funkier events were nothing more than annual stops for the show’s tour. Consequently, when the joys of skeleton finally made it to the Games a couple of Olympiads back, […]

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