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  • Triangle Cheat Sheet: Sochi, Signing Day, and a Busy Night in the NBA

    A midday review of everything you need to know from the world of sports.

  • For the Birds

    Are the Orioles satisfied with merely being good in a division that demands greatness?

  • The 10 Best NHL Olympians

    Weighting NHL and Olympic performance equally, which 10 players have been the best of both worlds?

  • Two-Headed Boys: Falling In and Out of Love With Neutral Milk Hotel

    For the children of ’80s and ’90s indie (or “college”) rock, who grew up mocking their parents for never letting go of their hippie-era favorites, it can be strange to recognize that Gen Xers are now major drivers of the nostalgia economy.

  • Arthur Chu, the Richard Hatch of ‘Jeopardy!': What’s Not to Love?

    Reigning ‘Jeopardy!’ champion Arthur Chu, whose four-game winning streak will be resumed on February 24, has won more than $100,000. And yet, apparently, some of you don’t like him very much.

  • The Charlotte Bobcats Farewell Tour

    I became emotionally invested in the Bobcats, for reasons not unlike why a person would marry an inmate on death row. Some things are more beautiful when you know exactly how they’re going to end.

  • Well Done

    How best to describe the arc of a successful reality show? Is it a soufflé, puffed and impressive right out of the oven but with a tendency to deflate quickly? Or is it a risotto, a delicate melding of flavors and textures that demands constant attention and tweaking to get right?

  • ‘Justified’ Recap: Double Ryes and Double Barrels in ‘Shot All to Hell’

    This is one of those hours that ‘Justified’ does so well, in which all the carefully laid strands of the previous month’s cat’s-cradling are swept up and twisted and discarded or pulled taut into a new web for Raylan & Pals to scuttle across.

  • Just How Bad Is the Scene in Sochi?

    The tales from the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics go on and on: hotel reservations vanishing, shower rods and curtains nowhere to be found, workers heaving small decorative palm trees off the back of a moving truck and onto the side of the road like paperboys on bicycles.

  • Director’s Cut: ‘Moscow Games,’ by George Plimpton

    As the Sochi Games approach, a look at the journalist’s unusual reporting tour through the 1980 Olympics.

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