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  • B.S. Report: Wesley Morris and Andy Greenwald

    Bill Simmons and Wesley Morris give their Oscar nomination predictions. Then Andy Greenwald comes on to talk TV and pitch possible shows to fill the void left by The O.C. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • January Book Recommendations

    Wiley Cash’s debut novel This Dark Road to Mercy, Nicholas Griffin’s Ping Pong Diplomacy, and Kim Fu’s For Today I Am a Boy.

  • Butter, Bacon, and Bone Broth: A Week on the Lakers Diet

    Our fearless author tries eating fat to get skinny.

  • #BOLO: Philip Rivers Style

    The San Diego quarterback makes it work.

  • With Charlie Kaufman, Zach Galifianakis, and Michael Cera, the FX Empire Expands

    Salute the good people at FX: Not content to rest on their multichannel, schizophrenic laurels, they’ve now gone and tacked a few possible future gems onto the production schedule.

  • Grantland NFL Podcast: Ken Whisenhunt’s New Job and the Divisional Round

    Robert Mays and Bill Barnwell try to figure out Ken Whisenhunt’s new job before detailing why the four preseason favorites made it through the divisional round this past weekend.

  • Why Not the Warriors?

    It doesn’t happen often, given the scarcity of true franchise players in the NBA, but once in a while, a legitimate championship contender lurks in the shadows. There are few real contenders every season, and most of those teams held that distinction over the previous seasons. The conference finalists that sneak up on us — […]

  • ‘Justified’ Season 6 Will Be Its Last

    FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed today that Raylan Givens will be riding off into the sunset at the end of the show’s next season.

  • Kevin Garnett Gets Into the London Spirit With Some Chelsea Bench Players

    Demba Ba is looking very “contest winner” here. Garnett is in town for Thursday’s Hawks game. Jason Kidd is calling this “a business trip.” You’re welcome, London.

  • 2014’s First Kanye-versy Is Here, and It Involves Violence

    Here’s a bewildering new report erupting from Mount TMZ: An 18-year-old white male, possibly helping Kim Kardashian enter a doctor’s office as paparazzi hounded her, began hollering a variety of intense epithets at the photogs, including the n-word. Kim attempted correcting the young man’s improper nomenclature and was allegedly met with the following: “Fuck you, […]

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