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  • Donald Glover’s 404 Error

    Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet and the suffocating digital life.

  • Afternoon Links: Whatever Happened to the Great Romances of Love Actually?

    Love Actually is often hailed as the preeminent rom-com of our era. So why hasn’t there been a sequel? It might look a little disjointed, but it could work, no? Real fans won’t mind that Alan Rickman became a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Andrew Lincoln became a postapocalyptic anti-zombie sheriff. True love […]

  • Required Reading for Tonight’s Pacers-Heat Game

    Get ready for the biggest game of the regular season (7 p.m. ET on NBA TV) with some recent-ish Grantland pieces on the Pacers and Heat! • Zach Lowe on Paul George’s All-NBA-caliber season

  • Week 14 Fantasy Football Review: Let the Shanahanigans Commence in Full

    Mike Shanahan is about to be out of a job, so prepare now, Alfred Morris owners, for one final dose of Shanahanigans before the season ends. The coach clearly wants to go out with a bang, and his scorched-earth policy regarding the world’s fantasy teams will grow only stronger as we near Week 17. You […]

  • No, Mike Shanahan, This Is How You Get Fired …

    Mike Shanahan is going to get fired. Usually there’s some uncertainty when we say something like that. But there’s no uncertainty here. We know Mike Shanahan is going to get fired because it’s pretty obvious that Mike Shanahan is trying to get fired, and unless life at FedEx Field is actually just a screwball black […]

  • If the College Football Playoff Began This Season, Which Four Teams Would Be in the Mix?

    Michigan State brought tranquility to this year’s championship race by eliminating Ohio State from the ranks of the undefeateds and paving the way for a Florida State–Auburn title game matchup devoid of the chaos and controversy that has so often defined the BCS era. But it’s in our nature as sports fans to create controversy […]

  • Godzilla Teaser Trailer: It’s San Francisco’s Turn to Get Demolished

    It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 15 years since our proud nation last took a stab at O.G. kaiju franchise Godzilla — give yourself a pat on the back, Hollywood, for a valiant show of restraint. That last attempt didn’t go so well, so perhaps it was wise for Warner Bros. to yoink […]

  • Jupiter Ascending Trailer: Mila Kunis Is the Wachowskis’ New Chosen One

    “Feast your eyes on this” is an empty cliché — unless we’re talking Andy and Lana Wachowski, the sibling duo whose imagery amounts to cinematic Thanksgiving every time, even when the actual narratives are just undercooked side dishes. Jupiter Ascending, the first original Wachowskis effort since the final Matrix film dropped a decade ago (Cloud Atlas and […]

  • College Football Final Exam Shootaround: The Men, Moments, and Memories That Defined 2013

    We made it. Championship Saturday is in the books, the BCS pairings are set, and the Heisman finalists are packing their bags for New York. There’s plenty of bowl-season excitement ahead, but now that the 2013 regular season is in the books — with the notable exception of Saturday’s Army-Navy clash! — it’s time to […]

  • Bad Quarterback League, Week 14: The Skins Were Bad, But Not Bad Enough

    Just the stats this week. Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins played one of the most depressing games of all time at an icy FedEx Field, but it wasn’t enough to measure up to Mike Glennon (36 percent passing!), EJ Manuel (4 INTs!), and Kellen Clemens, who’s really been much better than expected as a […]

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