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  • NFL Run & Shootaround: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

    On any given Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday), your NFL Run & Shootaround crew will be gathered around multiple televisions, making inappropriate jokes and generally regressing to the mean. Catch up on all the NFL action right here. Chaos Is Always More Fun (GIF via Diehard Sport.) Andrew Sharp: The Bengals and Packers spent three […]

  • Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15 Recap: Waiting Out the End in 'Granite State'

    If last week’s “Ozymandias” snapped and cracked like a hangman’s noose, Sunday’s “Granite State” was the long, slow walk to hell. Not any conventional hell, mind you. This is still Breaking Bad. Even now, science reigns. The binaries that matter aren’t good and evil, but rather action and reaction, cause and effect. I didn’t do […]

  • College Football, Week 4: Ring the Bells That Can Still Ring

    Sporting America knew what it was getting into with Week 4. We can say that, at least. But with dozens of games on the slate, there’s always going to be room for surprises. You might have dreaded the prospect of watching Michigan vs. UConn, or Arkansas State vs. Memphis, for reasons of your own. But […]

  • The Real Winners of the 65th Annual Primetime Emmys

    So it happened. It really happened. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences called AMC’s bluff and went through with its awards ceremony last night despite running against the first, Twitter-spoiler-rife airing of Breaking Bad‘s supersize, penultimate episode, blithely handing out every last one of its statuettes like nothing more important was happening down the […]

  • That Escalated Quickly: Your Guide to Toronto and Buffalo's Crazy NHL Preseason Brawl

    Last night, television sets across the continent were tuned in to a depraved world of unimaginable violence, horrifying bloodshed, and an almost total absence of morality on the part of everyone involved. Or, if you wanted something a little less intense, you switched away from the Toronto-Buffalo preseason game and watched Breaking Bad instead. Yes, […]

  • About Last Weekend: Colts Crush San Francisco

    In case you were busy clapping politely when you lost the best featured actress in a miniseries Emmy, here’s what you missed in sports last weekend: Trent Richardson scored on his first touch in a Colts uniform, and the San Francisco 49ers’ early-season woes continued, as they fell 27-7 to Indianapolis at home. “So the […]

  • Prisoners, and Paul Dano, Finds a Way to Rule the Weekend Box Office

    Prisoners opened this weekend, winning the box office with $21.4 million thanks to the combined Serious Actor faces of Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, unless it was Paul Dano’s presence that did it. (Can it have been Paul Dano? Even if IMDb lists him seventh in the cast after heavyweights like Viola Davis and Melissa […]

  • Avoiding the O-fer

    The Giants are reeling, the Colts are rising, and the rest of the notable news from Week 3.

  • The Best of Grantland Pop Culture Podcasts: Fall TV, Survivor, Cosplay, and Arsenio Hall

    Chris and Andy cover new fall TV, Right Reasons weigh in on Survivor, Girls in Hoodies give their thoughts on Heroes of Cosplay, and Prince Movies discuss Arsenio. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter. Subscribe to Grantland Pop Culture on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • Afternoon Links: Louis C.K. on Loneliness and Cell Phones

    Last night on Conan, O’Brien’s old buddy Louis C.K. stopped by to reminisce about working together on Late Night back in the day, failing to pick up Gwyneth Paltrow at a Christmas party, and why he won’t let his daughters have cell phones. Was it because he was afraid they’d turn into morally bankrupt adults […]

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