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  • About Last Weekend: Charles vs. Everyone

    In case you were busy accidentally watching the Green Zone Channel, which only shows the 2010 film Green Zone starring Matt Damon, here’s what you missed in sports last weekend: Jamaal Charles scored five touchdowns as the Kansas City Chiefs clinched a playoff spot with a 56-31 win over the Oakland Raiders. “This has been […]

  • Box Office Top Five: The Hobbit Roams Back to the Top, Madea Returns

    1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, $73.7 million (opening weekend) Snow pummeled half of the U.S. this weekend, but that clearly only amped everybody up more when it came to seeing Benedict Cumbersmaug in action. Desolation came out slightly behind The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’s $84.6 million and is the fourth-highest December debut of […]

  • Just Another Day in Dallas

    Who gets the blame for this Cowboys collapse? Plus, all the notable news from Week 15 in the NFL.

  • Happy Trails to Mr. Football

    The end of an era for Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns.

  • Grantland Dictionary: College Football Internet Edition

    Everything you need to know to talk college football on angry LSU message boards and/or in the comment sections of Alabama-based publications.

  • The Jalen Rose Report With David Jacoby (With Video!)

    Jalen and Jacoby are back to wonder why the Lakers wouldn’t trade Pau, why Dwight Howard would eat 24 Hershey’s bars of sugar a day, and why they doubted the Trail Blazers. Listen to the podcast at the Podcenter. Subscribe to the Grantland Sports Network on iTunes. To subscribe to the Jalen Rose Report, […]

  • Best of Grantland Pop Culture Podcast: Black Mirror, NBC’s Next Musical, and The Bachelor

    Chris and Andy discuss Black Mirror, Prince Movies talks Christmas music, Girls in Hoodies pitch NBC’s next musical, and Right Reasons gets excited for The Bachelor. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter. Subscribe to Grantland Pop Culture on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • Afternoon Links: Kevin Spacey Is Back in Menace Mode for House of Cards

    Just two more months till you can spend your Valentine’s Day plowing through Netflix’s second season of House of Cards. For now, you’ve got two minutes’ worth of Kevin Spacey talking ominously about pain and suffering and butchery, accompanied by those Fincherian shots of Washington’s bars and bedrooms and offices and canines flying into swimming […]

  • Week 15 NFL Viewing Guide: Joe Haden’s Predicament and the Development of Ryan Tannehill

    Cornerback–Wide Receiver Matchup of the Week Joe Haden, Browns vs. Brandon Marshall/Alshon Jeffery, Bears In the NBA, 3-point shooting has become a pivotal ingredient for any team. Part of that is the actual value of made 3-point shots (they’re worth one more point, ya know), but another part is what the threat of a shooter […]

  • Grantland NFL Podcast: Broncos-Chargers, the Dolphins, and the Wu-Tang Clan As a Football Team

    Barnwell and Mays examine last night’s Broncos-Chargers game, discuss just how the Dolphins got to be playoff-bound, and imagine the Wu-Tang Clan as a football team. You can listen to this podcast on the ESPN Podcenter here, or subscribe to the Grantland Sports podcast network on iTunes here and the Grantland NFL Podcast here.

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