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  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: Double Dipping With Survivor and The Challenge

    Survivor is back, which means we finally get to introduce some new blood into the GRTFL waters this week. (Don’t worry, you’ll get your Challenge scoring update, too.) Survivor: Blood vs. Water immediately gave us a hot doctor couple probably headed for divorce, the threat of assault with a deadly oar, a near drowning, a […]

  • The Remarkable Evolution of Bruce Chen

    For the first 10 years of his career, Bruce Chen was the quintessential baseball journeyman. He played for nine teams in those 10 seasons. He’d already played for four-fifths of the National League East by age 25, prompting a groundswell of support for a trade to the Marlins that would complete the set. He broke […]

  • Dream-Casting NBC's Johnny Carson Biopic Miniseries

    NBC has announced a Johnny Carson biopic miniseries, one of those “Oy, what a bad idea”s that could prove immensely entertaining. Carson was the most enigmatic of all mass-popular TV stars, a man who spent thousands of nights in Americans’ living rooms and bedrooms without revealing anything about himself that he didn’t want you to […]

  • About Last Night: Dodgers Wear the Crown

    In case you were out accidentally revealing that you named a loved one Cosmo, here’s what you missed in sports on Thursday: The Dodgers clinched the NL West title with a 7-6 road win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, before angering the Diamondbacks’ organization by celebrating in the pool at Chase Field. “You can’t have a […]

  • Ö Pioneers!

    Mesut Özil and Arsenal’s £42 million movement.

  • Rot Your Brain

    Candy Crush and the addictive properties of casual gaming.

  • Afternoon Links: Billie Joe Armstrong Is a Real Actor Now

    Billie Joe Armstrong has been very busy since he completed treatment for substance abuse early last year: Green Day resumed its touring schedule, there are two Green Day documentaries in the works, and oh yeah, Armstrong just signed on to play Leighton Meester’s boyfriend in the “indie drama” (with an indie drama title) Like Sunday, […]

  • Week 3 Fantasy Football Preview: Nickels, Dimes, and Mind-Blowing Trades

    Did you listen to my opening advice last week? I sure hope not. I told you all to stop trying to be so sexy, but now the Browns are showing us why that’s a terrible message. Career third-stringer Brian Hoyer is now the starting quarterback, franchise running back Trent Richardson is now an Indianapolis Colt, […]

  • Putting for Dough: Analyzing the $10 Million FedEx Cup Finale

    If you’re a golf tournament, and your name isn’t the MastersBritishOpenU.S.OpenPGAChampionshipRyderCup … well, you have a prestige problem. And by prestige problem, I mean that the average sports fan probably doesn’t care about you. This is the nature of golf, and it’s why Tiger Woods can dominate a PGA Tour season and still have talk […]

  • This Week in Athlete-Rapper Business Ventures: Michael Vick and Bow Wow's WaveMasterz Line of Quality Hair Brushes

    [Note: This is the first installment in a series. No real way to predict if there will be a second. But one can only hope.] Sometimes, things happen on the Internet that you know will derail you for the next five to 10 days. A September 17, 2013, tweet from Michael Vick, childhood and adult […]

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