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  • Atlas Flexed

    A behind-the-scenes look at Mr. Olympia Phil Heath’s 2012 defense of bodybuilding’s most important title, on the weekend of this year’s competition.

  • Afternoon Links: South Park Destroys Alec Baldwin

    Since a South Park episode dedicated to reminding us about Alec Baldwin’s homosexuality-unfriendly tweet-spree back in June might have felt a little forced, the show instead anchored its Season 17 premiere to a gag that put us in mind of “HUMANCENTiPAD,” “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” and “Guitar Queer-O” — episodes we’re always grateful to reflect […]

  • Because That 300 Sandwiches Blog Is Definitely Getting Made Into a Movie

    “Our relationship has always centered on food. We met at a restaurant in Chelsea two years ago when a friend I was dining with spotted an Alexander Skarsgård look-alike. An introduction was made, and I found out he’s a computer programmer, a Taurus, obsessed with Star Wars and a very good cook.” —Stephanie Smith, a […]

  • 33-Day NBA Warning: In One Press Conference, the Riggin' for Wiggins Race Is a Wrap

    What does it say about an NBA team if one of the stated goals, from the mouth of the new head coach, is to be in shape? You’re not trying to install a Thibodeau defense, or teach the Triangle. You just want the NBA players you pay to play basketball to be in decent physical […]

  • Week 4 Fantasy Football Preview: Nothing Was the Same

    Folks, I searched far and wide for the perfect quote to introduce this week’s preview, in hopes you would find it insightful, inspirational, and phenomenal. There was room for improvement in my quote-selection game after three weeks, certainly, and I feel as if this week marks the beginning of a new chapter, my comeback season, […]

  • Opening the NFL Trade Market

    I found out about the Trent Richardson trade as I was driving home last week, and I responded the same way I think a lot of people did: “Holy shit.” That’s exactly what I said, loudly, happy to be in the privacy of my own car. The news triggered a series of texts and tweets […]

  • The Sports Guy's Thursday NFL Pick

    RAMS (+3.5) over 49ers The Niners have been outscored 56-10 in the past two weeks. They stuck their best defensive player (Aldon Smith) in rehab after an ugly DUI incident over the weekend, which somehow didn’t stop them from letting him play last Sunday (and taking a deserved media flogging). Two more of their best […]

  • Gary Ross Adapting East of Eden With Muse-for-Hire Jennifer Lawrence

    Steven Spielberg’s Grapes of Wrath just fell to no. 2 in the John Steinbeck Adaptation Pool (Remake Division). Not because we’re about to argue that Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville) is a better filmmaker, but because Ross’s East of Eden will have Jennifer Lawrence.

  • The Bridge Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: A Stunning Return to Form in 'All About Eva'

    Just seven days ago in this space I was bemoaning The Bridge’s strange, potentially fatal choice of exit ramp. A show that had gotten so much right in the beginning suddenly couldn’t stop going wrong. Brilliant mastermind David Tate had hijacked Marco Ruiz’s life and, with it, the show itself, dimming what had been a […]

  • Why the NCAA Reduced Penn State's Sanctions

    Here’s how to understand the NCAA’s decision to give back some scholarships it took away from Penn State: The NCAA is trying to survive in a moral universe in which everything it does, and everything it doesn’t do, sucks.

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