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  • The Parenthood Cry of the Week: Which New Braverman Hairstyle Will Bring You to Tears?

    What’s that sound you hear? It’s the chorus of a nation sniffling as Parenthood began its fifth season last night. It has been several months since the show was on the air — eight, to be exact— and that’s about how much time has passed on the show as well. The precise time gap is […]

  • NFL FAQ: The Schiano Show Rolls On, and Tom Brady Gets Tested

    It’s Friday and football is dominating all our lives, so let’s just keep things nice and disorganized and run through some news from around the NFL this week. You know, other than Eric Berry telling his story of childhood pony betrayal and then finally facing his fear of horses. We’ll do this with some frequently […]

  • Deep Dive: Answering 10 Lingering Questions About the Real-Life Story That Inspired Rush

    The latest Ron Howard film, Rush, goes wide in theaters today, and I (along with Grantland poo-bah Bill Simmons — more on that later) definitely recommend it as a fun watch. Don’t trust my taste in movies? Well at least trust the people at the ArcLight who applauded as the credits rolled; they must know […]

  • Know Your Beef: Why Kanye West Went Ballistic on Jimmy Kimmel


  • Naomi Watts's Diana vs. Gina Gershon's Donatella: The Biopic Trailer-Off

    Two blonde icons! Two campy biopics! Who will emerge the victor? Will it be the already widely panned theatrical film Diana, starring Naomi Watts as people’s princess Lady Di? Or House of Versace, Lifetime’s latest attempt to get in the Behind the Candelabra game by upping the prestige factor for its popular lowbrow division of TV films, this time by casting […]

  • Pass Atlas: Is Philip Rivers Back?

    Is Philip Rivers a good quarterback? About five years ago the answer was obviously “yes.” But more recently the answer was clearly “no.” Through three games this year, the answer seems to be “yes” again. This is confusing.

  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: We Hope You Like Vomit

    This was a super weird week for reality TV. It was emotional, it was uncomfortable, and it was gross — but it was also enjoyable, kinda. On the Challenge finale, everyone puked; on Survivor, everyone cried; and on The Challenge‘s first (and likely last) live reunion show, everyone did whatever the fuck they wanted (that […]

  • Ranking Mariano Rivera's Parting Gifts

    Yesterday was the saddest of days. Mariano pitched at Yankee Stadium for the last time in his career, and the last man to wear no. 42 is now just three games from retirement. But endings are also a time for celebration, so let’s accentuate the positive and honor the parting gifts given during the season […]

  • The Fast and the Furious

    Paula Patton runs for love, Ali fights for justice, and Ron Howard drives really hard.

  • Let's Run Through the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List

    Every year, Forbes puts out a ton of pop culture wealth lists and they’re among my favorite things to read and write about. One of the best is annually curated by the champion of hip-hop wealth journalism, Forbes’s Zack O’Malley Greenburg. The 2013 version of the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list was released earlier this week, […]

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