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  • Afternoon Links: Batman vs. Superman vs. Phoenix?

    Variety has sources saying Joaquin Phoenix is being courted as the villain (who is probably Lex Luthor! Who is bald!) for The Film That May One Day Only Formerly Be Known As Batman vs. Superman. “However, it’s very early in the process and even if Warners [sic] offers Phoenix a role, it’s not clear he […]

  • The Case for Randy Orton

    Why the guy who was once the most boring man in WWE is now the champion we need.

  • CourtVision: Rip City Bravado

    I’m not sure what happened in Portland during the offseason, but it was definitely something. Here are the results of the final 13 Blazers games last year: Loss @ OKC 83-103 Loss vs. BRK 93-111 Loss vs. UTA 95-105 Loss @ GSW 98-125 Loss @ UTA 102-112 Loss vs. MEM 76-94 Loss vs. HOU 98-116 […]

  • Grantland NFL Podcast: Reviewing Week 15

    Mays and Barnwell break from tradition and take a lap around the league in reviewing each of the 16 games from Week 15. You can listen to this podcast on the ESPN Podcenter here, or subscribe to the Grantland Sports podcast network on iTunes here and the Grantland NFL Podcast here.

  • Black Mirror Episode 6, ‘The Waldo Moment': Vote for Stupid

    For the past six weeks, I have been responding to the British sci-fi series Black Mirror, which premiered on Channel 4 in 2011 and has wrapped up its debut on North American television via DirecTV. These are not meant to be strict recaps, but there will be plenty of spoilers, which, trust me, if you plan […]

  • The Year in Pau

    The Internet can be a pretty negative place sometimes. Actually, the whole world can be a pretty negative place sometimes. And you know what fixes everything when the world gets you down? Pau Gasol’s Twitter account. It’s incredible. While the Internet turns most of us into sarcastic jerks, Pau somehow remains the most sincere, cheerful […]

  • Do You Like Prince Movies? Podcast: Beyonce, American Hustle, and R. Kelly

    This week, Alex and Wesley bow down before Beyoncé, admire the screwball style of American Hustle, and discuss what on earth to do about R. Kelly. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter Subscribe to the Grantland Network on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • The Last Best Show: Talking to Tom Scharpling the Morning After His ‘Best Show on WFMU’ Finale

    “The Best Show on WFMU,” the beloved cult comedy radio show, ended its 13-year run last night. The show has been eulogized, summarized, and canonized over the past few weeks, and host Tom Scharpling’s faithful legion of fans have shown an outpouring of love over social media. Newcomers to Tom’s weird and wonderful radio universe […]

  • What Really Went Wrong With Robert Griffin III?

    Last week, the Washington Redskins benched quarterback Robert Griffin III. We’ve heard all sorts of explanations: that Griffin had taken too many hits; that the franchise needed to see what it had in backup Kirk Cousins; that head coach Mike Shanahan was trying to send the message that he’s the coach and Griffin merely the […]

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer: We Need to Speak to Caesar

    Check out the first teaser.

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