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  • Le Retour de Patrick Roy

    What makes all of Roy’s returns to Montreal so enjoyable is that — blessed by the hand of time — they’re merely delightful excuses to recall the truly bonkers way he initially departed in 1995.

  • Moneybrackets: Win Your Pool by Avoiding These 10 Mistakes

    You want to win your bracket pool. I know this. I also know it’s not for the money, or even for “bragging rights.” You want to win for the same reason I want to win: It gives you the temporary feeling that you actually know something, that you are more insightful than the average person.

  • ‘Justified’ Recap: A Heavy ‘Weight’

    On this week’s ‘Justified,’ the Crowes drive the story engine, with Raylan and Boyd and Ava’s tribulations interspersed throughout; some crucial dropped threads pick back up; and Danny and Dewey get nicknames!

  • After Harold Ramis’s Death, Director Ivan Reitman Departs ‘Ghostbusters 3’

    “I’d rather just produce this ‘Ghostbusters,’” says Reitman, who directed the franchise’s original pair of films, as well as ‘Stripes’ and ‘Meatballs.’ “I told them I thought I could help but let’s find a really good director and make it with him.”

  • About Last Night: A Sneak Peek Into Madness

    In case you were busy savoring your first day as James Dolan’s employee, here are the top five stories you missed in sports on Tuesday.

  • Titus’s March Madness Mailbag

    In which we power-rank the tournament regions, the imaginary all-star teams of players in various states, and the drunkenness of readers at the moment they sent their emails.

  • B.S. Report: Chuck Klosterman

    To subscribe to the (brand-new!) Grantland Podcast YouTube channel, click here. Bill Simmons talks to Chuck Klosterman about college basketball and potential moves by NBA coaches before discussing the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

  • We’re Getting More ‘Incredibles’ (and Another ‘Cars’)

    Also in the Afternoon Links: An international ‘Godzilla’ trailer, a browser-based ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ game, and a teaser for a ‘Peanuts’ movie. Like, Charlie Brown ‘Peanuts.’

  • Who’s That Guy? Louisiana’s Elfrid Payton!

    Payton is a player in the Damian Lillard mold: an under-recruited guy who illuminates the inefficiency (and mid-major possibility!) of the modern recruiting process.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Excerpt From First Draft of Sofia Coppola’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Script

    Keep in mind, this in no way reflects the final shooting script, but offers interesting insight into what Coppola’s vision of the classic fable might look like.

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