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  • The Weekend in Hockey: The Right Note?

    Each Monday, we’ll wrap up three of the biggest stories from the weekend and how they’ll play into the coming week.

  • ‘True Detective’ Finale: All We Have to Do Is Let Go

    Thoughts on the surprisingly tidy end of Season 1.

  • ‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Pigs’ Feet, Homemade Halberds, and Star-Crossed Lovers in ‘Alone’

    After yet another episode built on an essentially inessential plot, it’s clear ‘The Walking Dead’ is going to take its damn time getting to “Terminus” — whatever that might be.

  • NBA Overnight: Bulls-Heat Will Never Die

    You don’t have to hate the Heat’s “Hollywood as hell” worldview or love the Bulls’ old-school, every-game-matters approach to everything. But there’s nothing better than watching them collide. It’s the best rivalry in the NBA. Where Miami feels like Ali and Chicago feels like Frazier, and we all get to watch two teams that genuinely hate each other.

  • NFL Free-Agency Storm Starts Early

    As NFL teams, players, and agents negotiate in this 72-hour window before free agency, one thing is for sure: This weekend was just the tip of the iceberg. A staggering amount of money is about to change hands.

  • ‘SNL’: Lena Dunham Brings a Voice of a Generation to Studio 8H

    Dunham played herself for most of Saturday night’s broadcast, but as was not the case with last week’s host, Jim Parsons, it worked in her favor.

  • The Juliet Show Podcast: Food Week!

    It’s Food Week! Andy Greenwald talks about the climate of food TV, Peter Meehan talks about his magazine ‘Lucky Peach,’ and we read Yelp reviews of Kevin Durant’s restaurant.

  • Better Call, Saul: Canelo Alvarez Finds the Right Opponent

    Part of the idea behind this fight — Canelo’s return from the Floyd Mayweather humbling — was to find out what the boxing world really has in Alvarez, a 23-year-old ticket-seller for whom a three-pay-per-view year was planned, despite an 0-1 record as a PPV headliner. Some were so encouraged by Alfredo Angulo’s near-victory against Erislandy Lara that they were picking the upset. Most thought he’d at least test Canelo. He didn’t.

  • About Last Weekend: Varsity Blues

    In case you were busy OH MY GOD ‘TRUE DETECTIVE,’ here are the six biggest stories you missed in sports this weekend.

  • The Epic Kansas Basketball Rivalry That Wasn’t

    Wichita State fans — including a few state senators — want a piece of the Kansas Jayhawks. Will the Shockers and their boosters ever get the matchup they’ve been clamoring for?

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