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  • The Designated Player: On the Death of a Goat

    Results on the field have been poor and marketing outreach off the field abject, but the fact is, as problematic as each of these symptoms have been, they’re just that: symptoms. The root problem — and here’s where New York City need to watch carefully — has been the very project itself.

  • Right Reasons Podcast: ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ ‘Bachelorette,’ and WhatsApp

    Juliet Litman and David Jacoby bid farewell to ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ speculate on the next ‘Bachelorette,’ and discuss WhatsApp.

  • ICYMI: ‘Playboy’ Magazine’s 1980 Winter Olympics Preview

    Inside, there were 18 pages on the then-upcoming 1980 Winter Olympic games in Lake Placid, New York — essays, predictions, and advertisements. It’s a phenomenal time capsule for where the country, world politics, and the Winter Olympics were at the time, and evidence of how much all three have changed.

  • New NBC Comedy Preview: ‘About a Boy’ and ‘Growing Up Fisher’ Are Getting Their Olympic Moment

    Together, the shows represent a tepid hybrid of NBC’s recent output: They’re both single-camera, in the style of NBC’s last, great decade of sitcoms, but they’ve also both been braised in the warm mush of pathos that was the hallmark of NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt’s recent, mostly discredited push toward “broadness.”

  • The Polaroid Prince

    For those of you too busy watching biathlon to keep up with current events, a quick recap: Hubertus von Hohenlohe is a prince and a slalom skier. He is 55 years old. This is his sixth Olympic Games; his first were in 1984, before most of the skiers in Sochi were born. Hohenlohe represents Mexico, his birthplace, but he also has deep roots in Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Internet.

  • Three Sheets of Ice, Three Different Stories in Sochi

    So much possibility rests upon a fresh sheet of ice. What transpired in women’s curling, figure skating, and hockey Thursday showed the full range of all that can happen atop a layer of frozen water. The ice can help you soar at speeds and in ways not otherwise possible. It can also slip you right up.

  • Video on Demand Report: Paula Patton Charms Her Way Through ‘Baggage Claim’

    Plus Emma Roberts’s quarter-life crisis and a ‘Downton’-ized ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in this week’s VOD premieres.

  • Mark Titus’s Triangle NCAA All-Stars: The ‘Captain Planet’ Team

    The game has exploded to all corners of the globe, and international talent has made its mark on NCAA basketball.

  • ‘True Detective’ Precap: A Million Yellow Kings Dancing on the Head of a Pin

    For lack of a better jump-the-shark-esque term, we can start calling this the “Doc Jensen moment” — the point in the run of a mystery-based TV show when the building leaves Elvis, so to speak, and the story the actual show is telling gets eclipsed by the story the show’s fan base is telling itself about the show.

  • Grantland NFL Podcast: The Scouting Combine!

    Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays discuss the merits of the scouting combine, Michael Sam’s stock, and more live from Indianapolis.

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