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  • A Knicks-Bucks Explainer for Our English Friends

    Basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian in New England at an all-boys school. This makes basketball as English as gray skies and teatime.

  • The Tennis Legacy of Vic Braden

    An appreciation of the coach who taught low volleys and forehand backswings to everyone from weekend hackers to former U.S. Open champion Tracy Austin.

  • A Rabbit in the Hat: What Is Orlando Trying to Do?

    Everyone has been waiting three years for the Magic’s rebuilding project to take shape, and we will know sooner than you think if they need to go back to the drawing board.

  • Get Sandy Bullock a Copy of MS-DOS: The Definitive Movie Hacker Power Rankings

    DISCLAIMER: Reading this post without a pair of fingerless gloves on is dangerous and not recommended. This weekend, we will all have the experience we’ve been looking forward to our whole lives: watching Thor play a hacker in a Michael Mann film. Chris Hemsworth’s turn as a felon furloughed to fight cybercrime, directed by the […]

  • Glover’s Lane

    A conversation with Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, about the Grammys, rap, his new TV show, race, social media, and the two sides of fame.

  • How We’d Fix It: The NFL’s Penalty Flag Problem

    Unlike other sports, football’s penalties commonly occur amid play and do not stop the action. That usually leaves a strange interval between the time a flag is thrown and the time that the charges are explained. This “flag lag” is one of the most annoying parts of the whole football experience. And it’s unnecessary.

  • ‘The Andy Greenwald Podcast’: Simon Rich

    Simon Rich joins Andy Greenwald to discuss Rich’s new show, ‘Man Seeking Woman,’ ‘SNL,’ and why making the biggest choice is almost always the right decision.

  • Reggie Jackson’s Oklahoma City Problem

    It’s become pretty easy to look at every player like a fixed asset that we all factor into future projections. Reggie Jackson is a reminder that these guys are human.

  • A God in Every Golden Cloister: Isn’t This What We Want Football to Be?

    The title game was no less satisfying for being 10,000 empty calories, and the emotions it stirred are absolutely real. Let’s honor those.

  • ‘Togetherness,’ ‘Transparent,’ and TV’s Half-Hour Revolution

    Audiences tend to approach half-hours without the same groaning sense of obligation that they bring to dramas, and the best creators take advantage of that.

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