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  • SNL: After 24 Years, Bruce Willis Returns to Host for No Apparent Reason

    Last week, I broke my hands writing about Miley Cyrus’s SNL double-duty hosting gig. Electric currents ran through my fingers from my very soul, and I typed 580,000 words without blinking. I thought, I should scale back. I told myself, Shut up, you’re on Page 95. I couldn’t stop, and I wouldn’t stop, and some […]

  • Top 10 Fenway Goose Bump Moments of the YouTube Era

    I am desperately trying to obey all jinxing rules and stick to my self-imposed “Don’t jinx the 2013 Red Sox season by writing about them” rule. Last night made it really, really hard. Really hard. Really, really hard. So please, don’t consider this an actual column about the 2013 Boston Red Sox. All jinxing strategies […]

  • Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte Already Hitting the Celebrity-Showing-Up-and-Getting-Paid-for-It Circuit

    Look: We know you want to scoff at this, laugh at the two-for-$5 fireball shots, especially when the possibility of offering test-tube shooters of the many sky-blue liquors available at your finer binge-drinking establishments was a no-brainer. (We’ll look the other way on the $10 fishbowls; if they’re not served by dudes in hazmat suits, […]

  • NFL Run & Shootaround: Rock and a Hard Place

    On any given Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday), your NFL Run & Shootaround crew will be gathered around multiple televisions, making inappropriate jokes and generally regressing to the mean. Catch up on all the NFL action right here. Defining Dirty Robert Mays: Yesterday afternoon, there was a football play that I am guessing we’ll see […]

  • Rick’s Three Questions: The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

    Don’t you just love October? The leaves are turning, whiffs of spiced pumpkin lattes fill your local Starbucks, and the decapitated heads are ripening at the zombie patch. That’s right, fanboys and hate-watchers: Basic cable’s highest-rated show is back. But after Ranger Rick and his ever-shifting backing band ended last season by vanquishing the one-eyed, […]

  • A Third-Rate Babylon: The Knicks’ Potential Problems This Year and Beyond

    To the NBA junkie, almost every team inspires some mix of excitement and curiosity as a new season approaches. One team executive recently compared the first wave of regular-season games to unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning: How will the coach fit New Player X into his team’s rotation? How will Player Y and Player Z […]

  • Charlie Hunnam Unbridles Himself From Fifty Shades of Career Suicide

    When the makers of the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation promised that the movie would faithfully depict the book’s sexual torture and Twilight erotica vibes, it seemed unlikely that any major A-list actor would be willing to put his dick on the line for the project, no matter how hot the buzz. Better to cast hungry up-and-comers […]

  • College Football, Week 7: Who Made This Mess???

    Give thanks for the actual playing of college football contests, because without laboratory disasters like Week 7’s meat extruder explosion, we’d have to be worlds more demented to create these story lines on our own. Missouri perches precariously atop the SEC East; Stanford is unexpectedly out of favor in the Pac-12 North race; Texas Tech […]

  • Bill and Jalen’s NBA Preview: New Orleans Pelicans

    Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose preview the upcoming season for the Pelicans, who feature a guard-heavy roster, soft big men, and a new mascot, the Pelican, that is more ferocious than you might think. Bill and Jalen also get a little help from Zach Lowe, Kirk Goldsberry, Biggie Smalls, and Al Pacino. Check out the […]

  • Homeland Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Can Brody’s Return Save the Flailing Show?

    Three episodes into its third season seems a bit early for a show to have split its fan base into distinct, warring factions — Breaking Bad, by contrast, waited until the very last hour. But Homeland has never been a particularly patient series, so here we are. On one side of the divide are the […]

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