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  • The Question of Kevin Love

    Minnesota fans understandably don’t want to hear this, but Kevin Love is about to become the centerpiece in NBA front-office jockeying over the next several months. In many ways, he already is.

  • Holy Men

    Darren Aronofsky might be the greatest American director never to direct a great movie. You can always feel him trying, though. He’s going for greatness almost every time, and every time it wipes you out.

  • ‘Parenthood’ Cry of the Week: Dynamic Duos

    The Bravermans came in twos this week: Sydney and Victor planted in front of the TV, Zeek and Crosby in Oregon, Adam and Max surfing in the ocean, Julia and Sarah on a mission, Amber and Drew saving the day. When your family is that big, you’re never short on running mates. Yet the moral of the episode may have been that the power of a Braverman duo is best used to benefit the whole family. It’s always about the family.

  • Video on Demand Report: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Cons Its Way to Home Video

    Plus ‘The Book Thief,’ the National documentary ‘Mistaken For Strangers,’ and more new arrivals on VOD.

  • Miguel Cabrera’s Historic Extension Is an Unconscionable, Indefensible, All-But-Guaranteed Mistake

    Miguel Cabrera’s new deal with the Tigers could total a reported $352 million over 12 years, including club options. He may be the best hitter on the planet, but there’s no excuse for this sort of irresponsible spending.

  • NHL Grab Bag: Laugh to Keep From Crying, Oilers Fans

    Welcome to a weekly grab bag of thoughts and observations from the past few days and/or decades of hockey.

  • Gators at the Threshold

    All this group has known is heartbreak; large second-half leads that vanished against Butler and Louisville, and a surprising drubbing at the hands of Trey Burke and Michigan. This group has one more shot. And, on paper, it looks like the best shot.

  • Grantland Audibles: A Visit From the Goon Squad

    In the latest edition of Grantland Audibles, we take a look at the man behind and the art of chronicling NHL fisticuffs.

  • #TrueDetectiveSeason2

    The argument of this column is that Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery are great. Those guys are the best: That’s my whole theme here, and it doesn’t get any more elaborate than that.

  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: Welcome to the Land of Butt Bites and Lip Herpes

    If you don’t want to know what might lead a man to say, “It feels like how cottage cheese looks” about his own backside, you probably shouldn’t click on this post.

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