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  • 13-Day NBA Warning: Dwight Howard Is in Midseason Form

    We’re still two weeks away from Halloween, but Dwight Howard already found his costume. He’s going as Dwight Howard, Midseason Destroyer of Team Morale and Media Carnival Freak Show. All he has to do is open his mouth and he looks exactly the part.

  • The Masked Man and Peter Rosenberg Podcast: The Rise of the Rhodes Family and the Hulk Hogan Rumors

    “The Masked Man” David Shoemaker and Peter Rosenberg lock up in the second episode of their still-unnamed pro wrestling podcast to discuss the goings-on since Battleground and the quick turnaround into Hell in a Cell, the triumphant ascent of the Rhodes family, the miraculous return of John Cena, what’s best for business in the WWE, […]

  • Ranking Raps III: The Third-Annual BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Conversation

    The eighth-annual BET Hip-Hop Awards took place on September 28 in Atlanta and aired last night. Not to be confused with the BET Awards, an event where performances take place and awards are handed out, the BET Hip-Hop Awards is the event where performances allegedly take place and awards may or may not be handed […]

  • Sleigh Bells and Cults: The Indie Pop Left-Behinds

    Let’s take a trip back to 2001. You’re at a party and, after a few drinks, you work up the courage to talk to that attractive and approachable man or woman you’ve been eyeing for the past hour or so. As these things typically turn out, you start discussing what music you’re into and they […]

  • Things We Now Know About the Breaking Bad Spin-off, Thanks to Vince Gilligan

    Breaking Bad methstermind Vince Gilligan is the subject of a lengthy cover-story profile in The Hollywood Reporter and is being asked NOW WHAT?, probably feeling like I dunno, man, maybe some naps, a glass of juice, a Leaves of Grass re-read? But he eventually gets down to speaking fairly extensively about Better Call Saul, that […]

  • College Football Midterm Shootaround: First-Half Takeaways, Identity Crises, and Constipated Elves

    We did it, you guys. We reached college football’s midseason point without having to contend with the soul-crushing threat of continued conference realignment. We made it through seven weeks without allowing the never-ending bombardment of NCAA scandal stories to break our collective spirit. We got further than Lane Kiffin and Paul Pasqualoni and Don Treadwell, […]

  • YouTube Hall of Fame: Horror Movie Remakes

    This weekend, Carrie, like so many other classic horror films before it, gets a modern update starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. And we’re honestly not sure what to expect. History has proven that these things generally go badly, but in the right hands, a reinterpretation of a great scary movie can really work. […]

  • The Triangle All-Stars: Andre Drummond and Ricky Rubio

    Yesterday, we kicked off the Triangle NBA All-Stars, celebrating the players we love way too much. The first two members were John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. Today we welcome Andre Drummond and Ricky Rubio to the team. Squad up! Andre Drummond Why We Love Him: Nobody has any idea what to make of Andre Drummond. […]

  • What If Game of Thrones Became a Medieval Amusement Park Comedy and Blew All of Our Minds?

    We will grant you this: The world probably has enough “trailers recut into a different genre” videos to last us until the sun collapses into itself, an event that a million YouTubers will immediately and incongruously soundtrack to “Solsbury Hill” in the moments before the solar system goes cold and the frosty winds of cataclysm […]

  • Director’s Cut: ‘The Wit and Wisdom of the White Rat,’ by Pat Jordan

    Revisiting one writer’s spring training experience with Whitey Herzog.

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