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  • Who’s That Guy? St. Louis Closer Trevor Rosenthal!

    The 2013 MLB playoffs are in full swing. Are you keeping up? Michael Baumann is here to help by telling you which guys you need to know. And amid a lockdown postseason showing from the St. Louis bullpen, you need to know about the kid taking the mound in the ninth. Who Is He? St. […]

  • Do You Like Prince Movies? Podcast: Kanye and Machete Kills

    Recording in the same room for the first time ever, Wesley and Alex talk Kanye, taking back the night, and Machete Kills. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter. Subscribe to Grantland Pop Culture on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • Saluting the #ThadChallenge Fantasy Winners

    Thad Lewis might have been the most anonymous quarterback to start a competitive NFL game in recent memory. Sure, there are the Keith Nulls of the world who start when a team is actively trying to tank, but Lewis was a guy starting for a team that was trying to win games in the middle […]

  • You Are Not Prepared for Snooki’s Routine on This Week’s Dancing With the Stars

    You remember our friend Nicole Polizzi, right? It’s been awhile, I know. A lot has changed, for better and for worse. Her son, Lorenzo, turned 1 this summer. She has lost weight. She still has a show on MTV, but nobody really cares. The boardwalk where we used to watch her and her roommates cavort […]

  • Lights Out

    The joy of watching Boston closer Koji Uehara (and, if we’re being honest, these Detroit pitchers, too).

  • Lady Gaga Adds Muppet Holiday Special to Her Conceptual Album Promo Art Piece

    Remember back in 2011, when Lady Gaga hosted (and directed) an ABC holiday special called A Very Gaga Thanksgiving? Sure you do (but if not, here you go). It was actually pretty great; it was set at Gaga’s alma mater, Convent of the Sacred Heart, and featured Katie Couric and Tony Bennett (who at one […]

  • Bill and Jalen’s NBA Preview: Minnesota Timberwolves

    Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose preview the upcoming season for the Timberwolves by celebrating the Rubio-Love-Pekovic trio, saying good-bye to former GM David Kahn by reviewing his terrible roster moves, and wondering if Derrick Williams hasn’t come into his own because it is too cold in Minnesota.

  • The Zombie Network

    Breaking Bad is gone and Mad Men is ending. So where does AMC go from here?

  • Martha vs. Gwyneth: The Battle for the Lifestyle Brand Throne

    Do you feel that icy wind blowing in, turning the leaves as it scatters them on the perishing autumn grass? That’s the sensation of being subtly frozen out by Martha Stewart, as Gwyneth Paltrow now knows. Nothing extinguishes the fire in your personal outdoor pizza oven/cult of personality like the realization that your heroes might […]

  • Another Drama-Filled LCS Doubleheader

    Two more close, low-scoring battles, two games closer to the World Series. And a few thoughts on a tense Tuesday doubleheader: There’s a belief in some corners that teams must do the little things well to survive in the postseason. The Tigers do them terribly. Detroit led the majors this season in batting average (.283), […]

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