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  • B.S. Report: Kevin Connolly

    Bill Simmons talks to actor Kevin Connolly about his roles in Rocky V and Entourage. They also discuss Connolly’s involvement in the 30 for 30 film Big Shot. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • #HotSportsTakes: Chip Kelly Owes the National Football League an Apology

    Every now and then, we will attempt to write the worst sports column on earth. Today: Let’s talk about Chip Kelly and the oldest story in the world. PHILADELPHIA — Just once, wouldn’t it be nice to get an apology from one of these college coaches? Just once. I just want one of these know-it-alls […]

  • Watching VH1′s Completely Unnecessary But Highly Welcome TLC Biopic

    It was a brief bit of dialogue in the first five minutes of the movie, but it represented the difficulty of making a biopic about TLC in 2013. Friend: Well, Pebbles is starting her own label here in Atlanta. T-Boz: You talking about Pebbles as in “Don’t You Want to Ride in My Mercedes Boy” […]

  • The X-Files: Jeremy Lamb

    In the lead-up to the 2013-14 NBA season, Grantland will examine key players — X factors — for contending teams. We began the series with Zach Lowe’s profile of Kawhi Leonard. Today, Danny Chau looks at Oklahoma City swingman Jeremy Lamb. Jeremy Lamb’s hair is smoldering. The tips of his hair are stained a light […]

  • Dead Darlings: ‘As I Lay Dying’ and James Franco’s Totally Weird, Actually Extremely Admirable Directing Career

    All it took to get me into the theater was the phrase “James Franco’s William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying.” Actually, that’s not entirely true. I was just as drawn in by the words “Danny McBride in a Faulkner adaptation,” which gave language to something I hadn’t even known how much I wanted until James […]

  • The Architect

    How Art Briles and his potent offense have taken Baylor from conference doormat to national title contender.

  • Bill and Jalen’s NBA Preview: Memphis Grizzlies

    Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose aren’t impressed with what the Grizzlies did in the offseason, but they are impressed with Gus’s Fried Chicken and Zach Randolph’s dominance over Blake Griffin.

  • Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 7

    Thank You for Not Coaching is celebrating a lot of very reasonable decisions by coaches this week! Sure, there’s still the occasional questionable call that we’ll get to at the very end, but the bad coaching choices this week were mostly good processes with bad outcomes. That’s preferable to the alternative. As always, let’s start […]

  • Dancing With the Stars Does Game of Thrones: A Ballroom Dance With Two-Left-Footed Dragons

    We suppose we’re all expected to shit the green wildfire of excitement because Dancing With the Stars decided to do a Game of Thrones tribute last night. But why couldn’t Khaleesi Smirnoff be bothered to go blonde instead of insulting the Mother of Dragons with that disrespectfully inaccurate hairdo? And there are like four swords […]

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