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  • Your Fantasy Premier League Primer

    The English Premier League is nearly back, and so is the best way to make tons of money off your clueless friends and have some fun as you get to know the league and its players: Fantasy Premier League. Jokes aside, it’s pretty easy to excel in Fantasy Premier League — and to comfortably win […]

  • The Teen Choice Awards: The Teens Have Spoken. Here Is What They Had to Say.

    The teens have spoken yet again with the airing of the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. And if you thought they spoke loudly last year, just know that 2013 teens have nothing on 2014 teens.

  • The NCAA Is a Wreck Now

    The good stuff first. Late Friday afternoon, Judge Claudia Wilken up in Oakland, California, handed down her decision in O’Bannon v. NCAA, the case that former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon and an exaltation of other plaintiffs brought against the governing body of college sports. At issue was the athlete’s right to own his or […]

  • The Re-Return of Chuckie Keeton

    You don’t need another reason to foam at the mouth in anticipation of the coming college football season, but here’s one anyway: Chuckie Keeton’s back.

  • Summer Box Office Winners and Losers: Talking Raccoons, Failing Megastars, and the Unstoppable Michael Bay

    A look at who triumphed — and who disappointed — during a sluggish summer at the box office.

  • The NHL Dives Into the Advanced-Stats Pool

    Just like that, hockey’s great Fancy Stats vs. Old School battle is over. It’s done. Soon it will seem quaint to remember that we ever argued about this stuff in the first place. There won’t be a victory parade or a formal surrender, but the numbers are here to stay.

  • Red Eyes, Dead Hearts, Can’t Win: The Bloody Letdown of ‘The Strain’

    Every summer, the multiplex provides a master class in the apocalypse. For the price of a single ticket, it’s possible to sneak from theater to theater and see the world end in a dozen dazzling ways. Will it be overrun by alien robots? Trampled by giant monsters? Upended by damn dirty apes? Or drowned in the hollow half-shell of nostalgia?

  • Running Out of Luck

    Andrew Luck brings his unprecedented record in close games to his third NFL season, but how long can that last?

  • An Arsenal Fan and a Manchester City Fan Walk Into a Bar

    We sent our biggest Arsenal fan and our newest Manchester City fan to an Arsenal bar to watch the annual season kickoff at Wembley Stadium.

  • We Went There: Jarvis Cocker Judges a Pulp Karaoke Contest in New York

    Whenever someone does Pulp at karaoke, it tends to drag on. I’ve seen it happen multiple times. What makes Pulp songs unfit for karaoke is the same thing that makes them great. They tend to be more complex (and longer) than you’d expect, and in the end, they really only belong to Jarvis Cocker.

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