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  • We Went There: A Tale of Two Premier League Managers

    Fulham’s win over Norwich, with relegation potentially on the line, was in Felix Magath’s image. Known for making curious personnel decisions, Magath avoided both of his predecessors’ high-priced signings and instead found his two match winners.

  • The 30: Trouble’s Brewing

    The Rays, Mariners, and Twins are trying to survive a rash of injuries, the Giants are repairing a glaring 2013 weakness, and the red-hot Brewers are playing a scintillating game of “real or not real?”

  • Who Cared the Least About Last Night’s MTV Movie Awards?

    Featuring Mark Wahlberg, Conan O’Brien, Nicki Minaj, the American flag, Chris Pratt, and a whole bunch more.

  • Good-bye, NHL Regular Season!

    Well, that final NHL weekend was a bit of a dud.

  • ‘Mad Men’ Power Rankings, Episode 701: ‘Time Zones’

    As all New York transplants to the great city of Los Angeles eventually learn, though some more quickly than others, it is a perfect place. There are refugees of suburban failure, a continent away from their discarded families, strutting around in new plaid pants, trying to forget exactly what they lost on the East Coast.

  • The Juliet Show: NBA After Dark With Special Guests Chris Ryan, Andrew Sharp, and Arash Markazi

    Juliet talks to Triangle editors Andrew Sharp and Chris Ryan about the beef in Cleveland, and ESPN L.A.’s Arash Markazi talks about what goes on in the Clippers’ locker room.

  • ‘SNL’: Third-Timer Seth Rogen Does His Best With the Expected Weed Gags

    It was one of the better episodes of the year, but it looks as though the show’s overhaul will mean that this transitional season may spill over into the next one.

  • Steven Hero: Liverpool–Man City, the Premier League Title, and Tears of Joy

    “It was emotional, very emotional,” Gerrard said. “But we need to keep calm. There are still four big games to come but that meant so much.”

  • ‘Mad Men,’ Week 1: Welcome to Disneyland

    It’s only when things go from bad to worse that you feel a belated romantic appreciation for the crappy old days, no matter how awful they really were. Hindsight doesn’t always lend clarity and insight; it can often just filter prior events through a soft focus lens.

  • Pacquiao-Bradley II: Manny Being Manny

    Pacquiao’s confidence and strength of character did not raise welts on the right side of Bradley’s face, all along his cheekbone and eye socket. Pacquiao’s punches did that. But to whatever extent the mental game factored into the result of this weekend’s WBO welterweight title fight, it seemed to favor Pacquiao, who fought like a very good version of his usual kinetic, combination-punching self.

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