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  • Alan Thicke, the Most Interesting Man in the Sports World

    The man who played Dr. Jason Seaver on ‘Growing Pains’ is also the man who helped the Kings land Wayne Gretzky and who played 3-on-3 with Michael Jordan and Kenny Rogers.

  • MLB 28-Day Warning: Appreciating Ichiro

    Still not retired at 40, Ichiro will be one of the five oldest position players in baseball this season, and it’s unlikely he’ll alter his legacy regardless of whatever happens next. What exactly, though, will that legacy be?

  • Women Tell All: How to Destroy Your Bachelor on National Television

    Imagine that you are sitting in a candlelit television studio. You are surrounded by two dozen or so competitor-sisters who have also stumbled on the obstacle-strewn path to ForeverLove. The air is heavy with disappointment, acrid with bitterness. An almost inaudible murmur hums through the background, but if you concentrate deeply enough, you can hear it coalescing into words: Kill him.

  • The Moment Podcast: Brian Koppelman With the Hold Steady

    Craig Finn and Tad Kubler of the Hold Steady talk to Brian Koppelman about the band’s mission, its new album, and the long tradition of singers and guitarists feuding.

  • The Money Pit

    While the football world focuses on one of the more intriguing draft classes in recent memory, one significant piece of news has flown underneath the radar. After several years of nominal increases, the NFL’s hard salary cap is about to rise dramatically.

  • Don’t Take Julian Green to the World Cup

    It’s hard to know how good Green would be come June. It’s even harder to know how he would fit in within the U.S. team, a squad that thrives on its hard-work, cover-for-each-other system, requiring players who have an intimate understanding not just of their roles, but of their teammates’ roles too.

  • Freak Show & Tell: Jon Gosselin May Have Some Anger Issues

    All the best parts from ‘Couples Therapy,’ ‘Hoarding: Buried Alive,’ and ‘Gigolos.’

  • Rick Ross’s ‘Mastermind': True Lies From the Superstar Machine

    ‘Mastermind’ is the realest album he could make, one that reflects what he truly is — a bankable rap superstar making the kind of hedge-betting, self-aware records that bankable rap superstars make in 2014.

  • Sportstorialist: LeBron James and the Meaning of the Mask

    The mask was foremost a health and safety precaution — it’s made of carbon fiber and covers half his face. But it also felt like a moment of candor from a star who inspires equal parts awe and loathing: In donning a mask, he appeared to be removing one, too.

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