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  • The Teaches of Yeezus: Kanye West’s Los Angeles Concert

    Everyone tells you about White Jesus, but nobody talks about the monster. For the first half of Kanye West’s two-hour-plus set Saturday night in Los Angeles, an abominable-goblin-esque beast with flashing red eyes lurked on the peak of the already thoroughly Instagrammed mountain that serves as the imposing centerpiece of the Yeezus tour. It would […]

  • How to Be a White Person on Halloween (Hint: Skip the Blackface)

    I’ve never been a white person for Halloween. Because I have no interest in ever being white, even for a costume party. And for me, there is a never-ending, exponentially growing supply of amazing black people to impersonate. Last year, I was Madea. For an entire weekend, I proudly walked around New York City dressed […]

  • Why the Wizards Trade Works

    Pretty much everyone who follows basketball, including most Wizards fans, thought last Friday’s Wizards trade was a desperate move made by a GM trying to save his job, forfeiting the future at the expense of a fairly underwhelming present. And they’re totally right! But as a Wizards fan, I have to explain why I liked […]

  • Kanye’s 10-Year Plan: Sistine Chapels, Amusement Parks, More General Dopeness

    The New York Times‘s conversation with Kanye West felt like a major score when it showed up in June. BBC Radio 1′s addition to the Kanye Interview Archives in September seemed big, too. But now, from Kimmel to all the radio stops Kanye’s making on the Yeezus tour, it’s starting to feel like anyone can get […]

  • Entourage Movie-pocalypse Watch: Turtle Say Relax

    As you may or may not have noticed, the past few weeks have brought a significant uptick in the “Is the Entourage movie happening?” reportage department. Why? Even the most ardent supporter of those feckless hedonists of HBO would have to admit that, after eight full seasons of content, no one’s quite clamoring for this […]

  • Chris Smith and the New York Knicks Conspiracy

    The New York Knicks operate like a submarine plumbing the ocean depths — its movements invisible from the surface, its pilots cut off from outside influence, navigating by echolocation and breathing each other’s recycled farts. We can really only guess at the reasons why the Knicks do the things they do.

  • Sportstorialist: New Jerseys!

    Phoenix and Golden State look mah-velous as the NBA unveils its updated 2013-14 uniforms.

  • B.S. Report: Cousin Sal and Bill’s Dad

    Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal cover last night’s NFL games and guess the Week 9 lines, then Bill calls his dad to talk Patriots and Red Sox. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • The Essential and Underrated Lou Reed: 14 Songs You Need to Hear

    Steven Hyden: I’ve been given the impossible task of coming up with a list of essential Lou Reed songs. Here are 10 of them, in chronological order. I’m not arguing that these are Lou’s 10 best songs, and they’re not necessarily my favorite. These are just the first 10 songs that immediately came to mind […]

  • The Weekend in Hockey: Terrible New Jersey Still Hanging On, Thanks to Terrible Division

    A look at three of the biggest stories from the NHL weekend and how they’ll play into the coming days. Giving the Devils Their Due The Devils entered the weekend with little reason for optimism. Ten games into the season, they had only one win and had averaged just two goals per game. And with […]

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