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  • ‘Community,’ ‘Rick and Morty,’ and the Winning Return of Dan Harmon

    The famously self-loathing Harmon’s streak of not losing is starting to look suspiciously like winning.

  • The Official Super Bowl Preview

    The Super Bowl brings us a matchup of historic passing proportions. The Denver Broncos are led by the best quarterback in NFL history, Peyton Manning, who aims to finish up the greatest season any passer has ever had with his second Super Bowl trophy. Their opponents are the one team that seemed to figure out how to stop these new passing machines, and the Seattle Seahawks’ solution is to collect and unleash an irresistible amount of talent.

  • Anonymous in Sochi: Back in the Closet As the Games Approach

    I’m a member of the LGBT community who will be attending the Sochi Games in February. A nation’s Olympic traveling party is composed of many pieces — coaches, athletes, official representatives, staffers — and I’m a part of that. I can’t tell you how I fit in, but I can tell you what this experience feels like to me. Because I know the fear and anxiety associated with playing sports as a member of the LGBT community.

  • Girls in Hoodies Podcast: ‘Broad City,’ ‘Looking,’ and ‘Mitt’

    Molly, Tess, and Emily discuss the excellent new Comedy Central series ‘Broad City,’ HBO’s ‘Looking,’ and the new Mitt Romney documentary on Netflix.

  • Premier League Roundup: City and Liverpool Impress, Jose and Sam Entertain

    The week’s matches left teams and fans running the full gamut of emotions, everything from happy face, to face with a tear, to angrily slanted eyebrows. Here’s how everybody stacked up.

  • Is Louis C.K.’s ‘Tomorrow Night’ Worth Your $5? (And Other Assorted Questions About His Directorial Debut)

    In late 2011, Louis C.K. decided to sell a new stand-up special for $5 on his website. It was a huge hit, pulling $1 million in less than two weeks. Now he’s doing it with Tomorrow Night, a film he wrote and directed in 1998. The black-and-white project went to Sundance and some minor festivals before heading straight to the vault, having never found distribution. Did Tomorrow Night deserve to stay hidden all those years, or is it worth your five bucks?

  • ‘Bangerz’ Unplugged: Miley Cyrus Teams Up With Madonna and a Human Horse for Her MTV Hump-Day Hoedown

    Channeling the country lineage ostensibly handed down to her by her pops, Miley went and translated “unplugged” as “ratchet hoe-down.”

  • The Life and Death of Fandom

    Fandom is a tricky thing. It raises the emotional ceiling, and lowers the emotional floor, in the experience of any sporting event.

  • Watch Jimmy Fallon Reunite the ‘Full House’ Guys Last Night, If You Want to Feel Four Minutes Closer to Death

    The best part of these reunions is that you can simultaneously feel draped in the warm blanket of nostalgia and grazed by the icy finger of looming Death. Danny and Uncle Jesse and Joey, young and perfect in your mind, are now lurking at the edge of your bed.

  • From the Ashes

    A once-proud franchise had fallen on hard times. It was 1988, and the Phoenix Suns had just finished a futile season: 28 wins and 54 losses — 34 games behind the division leader in their fourth straight losing campaign. The future looked bleak. But it couldn’t turn out worse than what the team had just […]

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