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  • NBA Playoffs Overnight: Thunder-Grizzlies, Explosions Everywhere

    Watch the play of the year over and over and over. It doesn’t get any easier to believe.

  • Now Leonardo DiCaprio Might Play Steve Jobs, and Danny Boyle’s in Talks to Direct

    David Fincher is out, but this would mark a reunion for Boyle and DiCaprio, who did 2000’s ‘The Beach’ together.

  • About Last Night: Dubs Demolished

    In case you were busy seeing what happens if you mix some facts in with your “facts,” here are the six things you need to know from sports on Monday.

  • Ground Control to Future

    The latest person to face the weirdo-to-mainstream conundrum is Atlanta rapper Future, whose second LP, ‘Honest,’ finally arrives today after a protracted, sometimes haphazard promotional rollout. Much has already been written about Future’s previous album, 2012’s ‘Pluto,’ and his highly idiosyncratic use of Auto-Tune. Future’s animatronic yawp does not seem of this Earth, but strictly of his Earth. But how will it translate on Earth?

  • HBO Is Keeping ‘Veep’ and ‘Silicon Valley’

    Also in the Afternoon Links: an artsy Aronofsky supercut, the Godzilliest ‘Godzilla’ teaser yet, and Robert De Niro’s Vine wizardry.

  • The Right Reasons Podcast: ‘Lindsay,’ ‘The Challenge,’ and Chipotle

    Juliet Litman and David Jacoby talk about ‘Lindsay’ ending, ‘The Challenge,’ and Chipotle.

  • Jonah Keri Podcast: With Special Guest Keith Law!

    ESPN’s Keith Law joins the show to discuss his process of examining prospects in the minors. Later, author Kostya Kennedy comes on to talk about his new book on Pete Rose.

  • ‘Parenthood’ Cry of the Week: The Final Cry

    If we have watched the Bravermans assemble in a backyard for the last time, the Season 5 finale gave us a lot to cry about, in a good way. With each season, fewer and fewer things happen, and this one posted a new low for number of momentous events. As the action dwindled, so did the tears. Thursday’s finale nearly made up for it, though, with a cry-worthy scene in every act.

  • Georgia Tech Spring Football: Not Soft-Nosed, But Wet-Nosed

    Why did no one show up to Georgia Tech’s spring football game? And how is Mark Richt to blame?

  • So, What Was New at Coachella II?

    Jay Z joined Pharrell instead of Nas, Daft Punk either did or didn’t join Arcade Fire, and Paul Westerberg chilled on a couch during the Replacements’ set, allowing a certain pop punk frontman to fill in.

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