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  • George A. Romero Would Rather Not Write for The Walking Dead

    The 73-year-old writer/director who once gave us Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead (but has since burdened us with Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead) doesn’t want to hang with America’s biggest modern zombie enterprise. “They asked me to do a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead but […]

  • Michael Fassbender Thinks Talking About His Enormous Penis Is ‘Sexual Harassment’; Enormous Penis Responds

    Being a genitally gifted, A-list Hollywood actor isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Once the well-guarded secrets of your manhood are revealed — whether through the artistic bravery of on-camera exposure or the catty insinuations of a wardrobe stylist frustrated by the challenges of keeping an inseam-boggling talent properly swaddled — there’s often […]

  • Introducing the NBA Regular-Season Championship Belt

    You see that flag, billowing in the darkness up there? That’s the flag of champions. This isn’t some crazy, premature, homerific Philly sports rant, people. We don’t engage in that kind of propaganda. This is science. The Philadelphia 76ers are the champs. The Regular-Season NBA Champs.

  • Video on Demand Report: A Buddy-Cop Bra-mance in The Heat

    The Headliner The Heat Coming off his success directing Bridesmaids — a huge surprise of a huge hit, since it belongs to the fairly small category of R-rated, female-driven comedies — Paul Feig could have sought out a look-alike script, about another pair of longtime friends at a crossroads in their relationship who, maybe along […]

  • Grantland NFL Podcast: Mailbag Questions and the Week 9 Preview

    Barnwell and Mays take mailbag questions on Frank Gore and aliens before getting to the Week 9 game previews. You can listen to this podcast on the ESPN Podcenter here, or subscribe to the Grantland Sports podcast network on iTunes here and the Grantland NFL Podcast here.

  • NHL Grab Bag: Things Are Just Super Normal in Philly Right Now, Basically

    Welcome to a weekly grab bag of thoughts and observations from the past few days and/or decades of NHL hockey. The Three Stars of Comedy Recognizing the NHL personalities from around the league who produced the most comedic fodder for fans. The Third Star: Steven Oleksy Wishes You a Hoppy Halloween Either the Washington defenseman […]

  • Who’s That Guy? Texas Tech Tight End Jace Amaro!

    Who’s That Guy is an orientation tool for use in college football’s vast landscape, and is filmed in front of a live studio audience. Who Is He? Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro. Where Is He From? San Antonio. Years Played: He’s a third-year Red Raider. Follow the Bouncing Ball: Amaro, a regional recruiting coup […]

  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: A Way-Too-Early But Totally Necessary The Challenge Preview

    The Internet is the best. Being old and dumb, I rarely discover the fun little corners of this vast web wasteland, but that changed last week when Juliet sent me a link about The Challenge cast leaking. The leak was posted on Vevmo, a forum site that always manages to figure out next season’s cast […]

  • Kendrick Perkins’s Rothko of Despair

    Can OKC’s much-maligned center turn things around this season?

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