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  • ‘Parenthood’ Cry of the Week: Where Have All the Tears Gone?

    In the name of honesty and fidelity, this week’s recap will enumerate the confounding moments that undercut the possibility of crying.

  • The Rest of the NFL Shopping Season

    I’ve written about what the dream free-agency periods might look like for the 10 teams in the NFL with the most salary-cap space available. Here are the abbreviated looks at the league’s other 22 teams, most of whom (perhaps luckily) don’t have the available space to capitalize on the bounty of free-agent talent available.

  • The 10 Teams That Should Dominate Free Agency

    After patiently awaiting some semblance of NFL happenings for six weeks while having to sit through interminable distractions, professional football is finally back in our lives. Sorta. Tuesday marks the beginning of free agency, which is music to the ears of unhinged sports talk radio callers and message board posters around this great nation.

  • The Jalen Rose Report With David Jacoby (With Video!)

    Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the Pacers’ recent slump, Westbrook’s triple-double, and who should really be on the NBA Mount Rushmore.

  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: Quick Fireworks, Short Kicks, and Finger-Wrinkling Monsoons

    This week, ‘The Bachelor’ women clowned Juan Pablo, a monsoon made ‘Survivor’ a soggy mess, and ‘Real World’ got dark. But at least Sean and Catherine were around to talk some more about sex!

  • Mark Titus’s Triangle NCAA All-Americans: Conference Players of the Year

    There are many valid ways of approaching POY voting, but I’ve always believed in treating it like an MVP award. Guys who have to bring their A-games every night for their teams to win means more to me than gaudy statistics.

  • Up in the Droll Hotel: Wes Anderson’s (Minor, Precious, But Really Kind of Great) Latest

    The movie, set in the fictional Austro-Hungarian enclave of Zubrowka, was shot in a real place — Germany — but you wouldn’t know it. It’s a series of lovely tableaus that feel even more hermetic and purged of accident and real-world messiness than 2009’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ — the one Anderson directed by emailing instructions to a team of puppeteers in England from his pied-à-terre in Montmartre.

  • NBA Overnight: A Word About the Clippers and the West

    It started when Chris Paul went down. That’s when Griffin transformed from a frustrating top-15 player to the best power forward in basketball. Jamal Crawford helped keep them afloat, too, and somehow the Clippers didn’t really miss a beat without the third-best player in the NBA. When Paul came back, everyone kept clicking, and now here we are.

  • About Last Night: National Blowout Association

    In case you were busy refusing to admit that you invented Bitcoin, here are the top five stories you missed in sports on Thursday.

  • MLB Over/Under Jamboree

    Good news for the Mets? Bad news for the Yankees? The chance to win some Gummi Bears? It must be time for the annual MLB Over/Under report.

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