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  • B.S. Report: Chuck Klosterman

    Bill Simmons talks to Chuck Klosterman about NFL prospect Michael Sam announcing he’s gay, Marcus Smart shoving a fan during a game, and the upcoming NBA draft.

  • The Flip-Flopping Will Smith Won’t Do the ‘Independence Day’ Sequel, Unless He Does

    A source at Deadline says Smith is ready to pass on Roland Emmerich’s ‘ID4ever.’ The plan is still to get the sequel into theaters for July 4, 2016, the 20th anniversary of the original.

  • Triangle Cheat Sheet: Sochi GIFs, College Rivalry Week, and an Olympics Viewing Guide

    The big things you really should know.

  • Oklahoma City’s Secret Conductors: A Celebration of the Thunder’s Third Wave

    The third wave of Thunder talent is rising fast, and they’ve become the secret conductors of what might end up being the team’s best season ever.

  • ‘Girls’: There’s No Such Thing As a Free Snack

    Oh, nothing to see here. Just an episode about beginning your career and being slapped in the face by the reality of maybe having to pay your dues before you can follow your true dreams.

  • Sportstorialist: Gay, Giddy Sochi

    The Gay Games don’t start until August, but the Winter Olympics don’t know that, and the irony is touching. Russia’s government has criminalized “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” and yet the quilted-rainbow-rash ski parkas on the volunteers at the Sochi Games would move any LGBT group to approve of the statement.

  • I Sing the Bode Electric

    Bode Miller is the best American skier of his generation, but also one of the most infuriating ones. He’s known as a maverick, someone willing to try anything for a few extra hundredths of a second — or for more fun. His background has become the stuff of legend: his unusual upbringing (he grew up in a cabin without electricity), his unorthodox style, his incredible touch, balance, and versatility. He has five Olympic medals — but he should have more. He spent the Turin Olympics partying and didn’t win one.

  • Michael Sam’s Necessary Moment

    On Sunday night, Michael Sam publicly announced that he is gay. Like all pioneers, Sam will forge a path that makes it just a little easier on the next guy, and the guy after that, until there’s a well-worn trail left behind for any who need it.

  • Americans Win Gold in Slopestyle, Chill Press Conferences

    The lives of most Olympic athletes are built around rigid structure and discipline: They eat right, sleep right, and spend hours upon hours in weight rooms or on treadmills honing their bodies and their skills. And then there are the slopestylers.

  • We Went There: The Dumb Buzz of Dumb Starbucks

    Whoever is behind Dumb Starbucks isn’t driving any of its publicity; we are. Because it’s not asking for anything in return, it maintains its mystery and can get away with more — both as a store and as a joke.

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