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  • Q&A: Producer Jeff Bass on Discovering Young Eminem: ‘He Was Sitting on the Toilet, and He Came Up With the Alter Ego’

    You may have never heard of the Bass Brothers. But you’ve heard the Bass Brothers.

  • Grantland NFL Podcast: Aaron Rodgers’s Injury and Week 9 Games

    Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays break down all the playoff permutations in the AFC and NFC and cover the Aaron Rodgers injury alongside Week 9′s games. You can listen to this podcast on the ESPN Podcenter here, or subscribe to the Grantland Sports podcast network on iTunes here and the Grantland NFL Podcast here.

  • It Is the Most Logical Thing in the World That Lady Gaga Will Try to Sing in Space

    You and I have both read about plans to jettison celebrities into space — not because an international tribal council voted them off the earth, but just ’cause. They’re rich, space is there, they probably hadn’t seen Gravity before signing up, and maybe Richard Branson threw them some money. Who knows? I’m not even sure if […]

  • Tyson Knocked Out: What the Big Man’s Injury Means for the Knicks

    Here is a timeline of things the Knicks have done, and things that have happened to them, over the past four years • New York stripped its roster and dealt away future assets in a naked and rational attempt to sign LeBron James during the summer of 2010. • LeBron James signed with Miami. The […]

  • The Marvel Way: How the Comic-Book Studio Chooses Its Directors

    Alan Taylor had three feature-film credits to his name before Asgard beckoned. Taylor, the director of Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World, had made Palookaville (1995), The Emperor’s New Clothes (2001), and Kill the Poor (2003) — all were met with middling reviews and none earned a million dollars at the box office. But as […]

  • B.S. Report: Andy Greenwald and David Shoemaker

    Bill Simmons and Andy Greenwald cover The Walking Dead and suggest ways to fix network TV. Later, the Masked Man joins the podcast to talk pro wrestling and his new book. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • YouTube Hall of Fame: Hammers

    Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this Friday, which means it’s a big week for hammers, and the perfect opportunity for us all to take a moment and celebrate the majesty of this noble toolbox stalwart.

  • The Miami Dolphins and Everything That Will Never Make Sense

    The Miami Dolphins harassment story has mushroomed into the biggest story in sports over the past 72 hours, and it’s officially one of those sports stories that attracts people who don’t even watch sports. Everyone has an opinion on Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito right now. And for me, the most interesting part has been […]

  • Teaser Trailer: Jeremy Piven Reveals Precise Number of ‘Hug It Out, Bitches’ to Be Featured in Entourage Movie!

    To review: The Entourage movie is a go. It has become hard to even recall a time when there was a possibility that the whole beautiful, gossamer thing — once seemingly about to be transformed into a feverish nightmare clockwork of egos, double-dealing, and unbrotherly mistrust by the dream-gobbling demon that is Hollywood — might […]

  • Tuesday Night Lights: The Coronation of the Kings

    We played School D. this week. It was the final game of the season. Their team was the only thing that remained between our team and a perfect record. It was an unenviable place to be, for sure. I can’t imagine that standing between a mama bear and her cubs is any less treacherous. Some […]

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