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  • Craig Ferguson Is Leaving CBS As Well

    “I had no desire — none — to do [Letterman's] job,” Ferguson told ‘Variety.’ “I could barely keep it together at 12:30, never mind 11:30.”

  • About Last Night: Can’t Keep Pace

    In case you were busy making an unconvincing slippery slope argument, here are the top five stories you missed in sports on Monday.

  • Sarah Silverman Is Joining ‘Masters of Sex’

    Also in the Afternoon Links: Ancient Andy Warhol computer art discovered, Steven Spielberg signs on for a Roald Dahl adaptation, and ‘The Daily Show’ poaches its latest correspondent from the ‘SNL’ writers’ room.

  • First Show Check-In: ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’

    “Welcome to … whatever this is,” John Oliver said last night, kicking off the very first episode of his new HBO show, ‘Last Week Tonight.’ And it was spot-on

  • Four Days in Memphis

    Mere Existence: Wednesday, April 23, 3:41 p.m. Two little boys are beating the hell out of each other in the highway ditch off I-240 E. White tourists in obvious rental cars are slowing down to watch, making grave small faces of concern. A lot of the traffic doesn’t brake at all, though. The boys are […]

  • Premier League Pass & Move: Liverpool Stumble, Sunderland Soar

    Liverpool’s loss to Chelsea again hands the title race front-runner baton to Manchester City, and Sunderland seemingly broke the last lock on the straitjacket for another Houdini-like escape from relegation.

  • Zack Snyder’s New ‘Justice League’ Gig: Eight Quick Thoughts

    Why Ben Affleck suddenly makes more sense as Batman, where Snyder’s hiring ranks on the Joss Whedon/’Avengers’ meter, and whether we have any right to get excited about it all.

  • How Sports Media Has Handled the Donald Sterling Controversy

    Five thoughts about the Sterling tape and the pace and power of Internet shame.

  • The Owner and the Owned: A Discussion About Donald Sterling

    There’s so much to discuss: Sterling’s history of racism; his ability to be completely nondiscriminatory with regard to bigotry; the racist, guilt-trip filled, “world’s worst boyfriend” exchange between him and his then-girlfriend; the response from the basketball community; and talks of boycotts and protests and lost sponsorships, to name just a few.

  • Career Arc: The Reportedly Engaged George Clooney’s Love Life

    It looks like Clooney is engaged. This is the end of an era.

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