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  • Heisman Watch: Set Your Cheat Code to ‘Amari Cooper’

    Bryce Petty regains his front-runner standing, D.J. Foster emerges from the dust, and Amari Cooper goes into video-game mode. It’s the post–Week 3 Heisman Watch!

  • Good for Business: Five Years in, What Does ‘Shark Tank’ Mean for America?

    If you want to appear on Shark Tank, you have to email a Yahoo address. Now approaching its sixth season, ABC’s live-hot-pitches business incubator is wildly, strangely, consistently popular — it’s the most-watched show on Friday nights for viewers ages 18–49, as well as arguably the best and certainly most American reality show on TV — […]

  • Fall TV Preview, Part 2: All the New Dramas

    It’s increasingly clear that only the very good, the very noisy or the very procedural have any hope of surviving. So is it any wonder that the Big Four are playing it so safe?

  • Grantland Exclusive: Redacted NBA Scouting Reports

    Let’s take a look at some other redacted scouting documents, which came to me from my extensive network of anonymous sources.

  • Do You Like Prince Movies? Podcast: With Guest Chuck Klosterman

    Prince Movies with special guest Chuck Klosterman! Idris Elba is inside Taraji P. Henson’s house! The new U2 album is inside your iTunes! And Robin Thicke just hurts inside.

  • The NHL’s Analytics Awakening

    Hockey analytics has arrived and is here to stay. But compared to sports like baseball, the field is still in its infancy. Despite the progress of the last year, there’s a long road ahead, and lots of ground still left to be covered. So where do we go from here?

  • Rihanna Just Took on CBS and the NFL … and Won

    CBS’s decision to pull a Rihanna song from ‘Thursday Night Football’ smacked of a fantastical desire to make domestic abuse go away by not discussing it.

  • Stranger in My House: Idris Elba Is a Malignant Narcissist in ‘No Good Deed’

    Idris Elba stars in Sam Miller’s thriller about a former prosecutor of domestic abusers and the strange man who comes to her door.

  • The Plunge

    The incredible story of Shavarsh Karapetyan, a Soviet swimming champion who dove into Armenia’s Lake Yerevan and saved dozens of lives from a sinking trolleybus nearly 40 years ago.

  • Can Derrick Rose Shoot?

    Of course Derrick Rose can shoot. Just a few years ago, Rose was, hands down, one of the best jump-shooting guards in the NBA.

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