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  • Jack White’s Meg White Problem

    She may no longer be onscreen, but it seems as though Meg White is still controlling Jack White’s narrative. On ‘Lazaretto’ (out June 10), White continues his pleading to a dominant, unnamed feminine figure who has left him alone, vexed, and alienated. I don’t think this can be chalked up simply as “Jack White’s Women Problem” — it’s more like a woman problem.

  • Titus’s NBA Draft Upside All-Stars

    The five players in this year’s draft with the most “tremendous upside potential.”

  • Zlatan’s Revenge!

    The year is 2010. The La Liga offseason. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is grappling with his late-season outburst at Barça manager Pep Guardiola — and plotting his way out of one of the most storied clubs in European Football. What follows is an exclusive excerpt from I Am Zlatan, on sale this week from Random House. Sometimes, […]

  • Jonah Keri Podcast: With Special Guest Bob Ryan

    Jonah Keri debates Bob Ryan of the ‘Boston Globe’ on the virtues of advanced stats, and on the Red Sox’s season.

  • Marvel Grits Teeth, Rolls Forward With Ant-Man Movie Literally Nobody Wants

    If the box-office headline after ‘Ant-Man’ opens is anything but ANT-MAN SQUASHES COMPETITION, it’ll call the viability of the whole Movieverse into question.

  • A Celebration of Canadian Futility

    With the elimination of the Montreal Canadiens, the country is now assured of going Cupless for the 20th consecutive season. It’s all been very painful. But just how painful? Oh, we’re going to talk about it, Canada.

  • Summer Reality TV Hell: ‘I Slept With a Celebrity,’ Courtney Robertson’s Tell-All, ‘Ladies of London’

    Worried there won’t be enough trashy TV this summer to keep you indoors, safe from barbecues and lived human experience? Already sad about the eventual end of ‘I Wanna Marry “Harry”’? Worry no more!

  • At Long Last, Detroit Gets Its RoboCop Statue

    There’ll be a dedication this morning, and a first pitch from RoboCop at tonight’s Tigers/Blue Jays game.

  • About Last Night: Knicks Gone Fishin’

    In case you were busy ousting Beavers and dropping Golden Boys, here are the top five stories you missed in sports on Monday.

  • Oh, Won’t Someone Think of the Billionaires?

    To paraphrase Mr. Hemingway’s famous reply to Mr. Fitzgerald — yes, the rich are different from you and me: They have more money than us, and a great many of them are a special kind of moron. Those of us who follow the sports-entertainment-industrial complex for a living take this as a given.

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