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  • Shiftless When ‘Idol’

    Is ‘American Idol’ still doing well by its old standards? Roughly 10 percent of last Wednesday’s audience, or 1.3 million people, came from the coveted 18-49 demographic. In 2011, ‘Idol’ garnered a 7.8 rating among this age group for its first Wednesday show in March. In 2012, it fell to 5.7, and then to 3.8 in 2013. Last week’s rating was 2.7, about a third of what ‘Idol’ drew at that time just three years ago. Like Simon Cowell used to say after sizing up a so-so wannabe diva, nobody is jumping out of their chairs over that performance.

  • The Patrick Beverley Appreciation Thread

    Beverley is on a mission to never get invited to a postgame dinner. And he’s totally changing the character of the Rockets.

  • The Moment Podcast: Brian Koppelman With Warren Leight

    ‘Law & Order’ executive producer Warren Leight explains how to kick rejection in the teeth, why working fast is a gift, and how much grit it takes to get a play to Broadway.

  • Men in Blazers: With Special Guest Jurgen Klinsmann!

    Roger Bennett interviews Jurgen Klinsmann live onstage at SXSW Sports. An Englishman and a German bond over their shared passion for American soccer.

  • MLB 21-Day Warning: The Agony of Dual Fandom

    What’s worse than rooting for a team that just missed the World Series? Rooting for TWO teams that just missed the World Series. Welcome to Grantland Copy Editor Craig Gaines’s nightmare.

  • The ‘Bachelor’ Finale: What to Do When the Whole Damn Thing Comes Crashing Down

    Congratulations! If you have reached the Final Rose portion of your long and arduous journey down the disappointment-strewn path that leads to the crumbling steps of the abandoned temple of ForeverLove, you deserve some recognition for the accomplishment.

  • Great Expectations, Great Variations

    Every team wants to develop its own Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw. Not every team tries to do that in the same way, however. To better understand baseball’s competing prospect philosophies, we hit the spring training circuit.

  • You Can Go Home Again: Eight NHL Players Who Pulled a Luongo

    Luongo is in some pretty good company. More than a few NHL stars have eventually found their way back to teams where they’d made their names to spend their final seasons. Sometimes it worked out great. Sometimes it didn’t.

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