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  • An Alternative History of the Winter Meetings, in Which Big Things Actually Happened

    This week’s winter meetings were a relatively quiet affair. But what if they hadn’t been? What if one domino had fallen differently before baseball’s executives set out for Orlando, altering the course of the meetings — and probably the course of history, because that’s how this butterfly-effect stuff works. What if … Curtis Granderson hadn’t […]

  • Ed Helms Is the Heir to ‘The Naked Gun’

    Ed Helms was all set to inherit Chevy Chase’s ‪Wagon Queen Family Truckster‬ before the new Vacation movie got delayed. Now the ‘Nard Dawg is making a lateral move, clipping on the late Leslie Nielsen’s detective badge for Paramount’s reboot of The Naked Gun. Variety noncommittally reports that it’ll be “a new spin” on the […]

  • CourtVision: The Jordan Rules

    The early-season success of Jordan Crawford is so peculiar that it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with this: Fifty-eight players have attempted at least 95 midrange shots, but nobody has made a higher percentage of them than Crawford. Here are the top five: 1. Jordan Crawford, 51 percent 2. Dirk Nowitzki, 50 […]

  • Wedded Blitz! United Couples, Nations

    The distinct international flair of the November offerings in the New York Times ‘Vows’ section.

  • The End of Year 2 for RG3

    This week Robert Griffin III was officially benched for the final three games of the Redskins’ miserable dumpster fire of a season. Mike Shanahan claims it was to protect Griffin’s health. On Thursday night,’s Michael Silver reported that Shanahan benched Griffin because he’d played so poorly that the locker room wouldn’t trust Shanahan if […]

  • Should You See It? A Curious Consumer’s Decision-Making Guide to The Desolation of Smaug

    The year is ending soon, sooner than you expected, sooner than you are prepared to accept. Before you know it, you will be packing your regret-bindle near to bursting with the accumulated disappointments of yet another 12 squandered months and toting it back to the place of your birth, where you and your family can […]

  • Look Out, NBC: ABC Is the New Disaster Network

    Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter blew the lid off one of the industry’s most underreported stories: that ABC’s entertainment president Paul Lee is quietly having what could be charitably called a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. While Bob Greenblatt, Lee’s counterpart at NBC, hoovers up most of the headlines and negative press (especially from […]

  • So Bad It’s Good

    A very serious celebrity-based guide to enjoying the New York Knicks’ terrible start.

  • How Efficient Is a Post-up Play?

    Earlier this week, Grantland ran a Q&A between Zach Lowe and Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. Among the fun tidbits of basketball knowledge sprinkled throughout this was an interesting conversation about post play. Here is the short exchange: Analytics folks say the post-up, or at least a post-up shot, is a low-efficiency play. But […]

  • Is Everton for Real?

    Where you sit in the Premier League table depends on who you’ve been playing, especially this season. With so much parity, form seems to follow schedule. Southampton, for example, were in third place after 11 games, only three points off the lead. Now, they’re in eighth after facing Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City in three […]

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