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  • My 14-Minute Take That Captures the Entire History of a Relationship: Before Midnight

    Now more than ever, pop culture is about the small stuff — an obscure TV show, a few notes in a pop song, a tweet. To celebrate a year of micro moments, every day a new Grantland writer will highlight one specific thing — a Big Little Thing — that we won’t soon forget. It […]

  • The Venn Diagram of Hockey Hate

    There’s an old stereotype that hockey fans hate everyone. And like most stereotypes, it’s simply not true. For example, we don’t hate Teemu Selanne. And, uh … well, that’s pretty much it, actually. Other than Selanne, yeah, we hate basically everyone else. But we hate some people more than others. And our hate isn’t random […]

  • Songs of the Year 2013

    In 2013, it seemed music was finally devoured by the Internet, for better or worse. It was a year when memes became hits and vice versa, when a viral video could launch you to the top of the charts. And just like the Internet, weirdness was a commodity high in both supply and demand: Vampire […]

  • NBA Overnight: The Final Days of Mike Woodson, the Golden Age of Pop, and Joe Johnson and Josh Smith Go Off

    Every once in a while, the NBA throws a randomly awesome night at us and we need to run through the games and savor the flavor. Last night was one such night. Dig in. The Agony of the Knicks, the Ecstasy of the Wiz YEAH. THAT’S JAN VESELY DUNKING IN TRANSITION ON AMAR’E. NO, YOU […]

  • The Year Music Failed to Blockbust

    Or how Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, and more of pop music’s biggest superstars became little more than a lifestyle condiment.

  • Shia LaBeouf Apologizes for Adapting Comic Into Short Film Without Credit, Effing Up

    The last time Shia LaBeouf ripped someone off, it was in a chain of leaked emails between himself, Alec Baldwin, and Daniel Sullivan after LaBeouf left Orphans. His uncited source material was an Esquire essay titled “How to Be a Man” by Tom Chiarella, who responded graciously by writing that “in a lot of ways, […]

  • My Top 10 Best (Favorite) Albums of 2013

    Three caveats before I share my top 10 albums list: 1. I don’t care for the word “best” in this context. Not only is declaring a record “best” ridiculous, it’s also dishonest. It implies that you’ve heard every single piece of music released in a given year, and I haven’t come close to doing that. […]

  • Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Homeland and the Year in TV

    On this week’s pod, Andy and I talked about the season finale of Homeland. On the off chance you are reading this post but don’t know what happened, here’s the spoiler of the century: It turns out the entire series was just a dream the 40-year-old Angela Chase had while waiting for her daughter outside […]

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Will Welcome Kiss and Nirvana

    And your 2014 additions to Cleveland’s Primary Tourist Attraction are … Nirvana, Kiss, Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, and Linda Ronstadt. Performers are eligible 25 years after their first single or album, and Nirvana was 2013’s only band nominated immediately upon eligibility. (1988’s “Love Buzz,” which dropped seven months before Bleach, was the […]

  • The New Normal

    Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera are gone. Derek Jeter is old. It’s time to accept that 2013 wasn’t a fluke: The Yankees aren’t good, and they aren’t getting better.

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