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  • Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: A ‘Challenge’-Shaped Life Raft in a Sea of Juan Pablocalypses

    This week brought three hours of ‘The Bachelor,’ an hour and a half of ‘Real World,’ an hour of ‘Survivor,’ and even an hour of some show called ‘Online Dating Rituals of the American Male’ — and none of it mattered once we got one minute of ‘The Challenge.’

  • Sportstorialist: The Legacy of Marquette’s Untucked Uniforms

    Retrospect tends to be clarifying. Take the 1970s. Things were better. Things were worse. You don’t want a return to oppression, lawlessness, or the denial of rights. But you do want the frissons, frills, and highlights. You want the breaking of bounds, the challenge of conventions. You want a return to even a loose symbol of transgression. One of those 1977 Marquette Warriors uniforms should do it — the edition in tablecloth white with blue piping that ran around the shoulders and neckline and, more spectacularly, around the shirt’s bottom. The players wore them untucked and, in doing so, caused a minor national stir on their way to an NCAA championship.

  • The Zen Master of Puppets: What Phil Jackson Can Do and the Knicks Must Do to Succeed

    The Knicks don’t necessarily need a starry name. They need normalcy. They need a top-down shift in priorities and temperament, which is not the same thing as saying they need massive turnover in their front office and scouting staff. The Knicks are a national punch line, a caricature — the bumbling fat cat blowing someone else’s fortune on irrationally exuberant purchases that never work. But here’s the dirty little secret about the Knicks: They’re not dumb.

  • NFL Free Agency, Day 3: Breakin’ Up

    Two franchise stalwarts made their way toward the exit doors on Thursday, as Panthers wideout Steve Smith was cut after 13 seasons with the team, while 10-year Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork publicly requested to be released after the team reportedly asked him to restructure his contract.

  • Pilot Wars: Lee Daniels’s ‘Empire’ vs. Martin Scorsese’s Untitled Rock Project

    Two new TV projects want to do for other genres what ‘Nashville’ has done for, well, Nashville.

  • B.S. Report: Steve Nash (With Video!)

    Steve Nash sits with Bill Simmons to talk about his difficult season with the Lakers, what went wrong last year with Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant, and what is next for him.

  • Introducing Bracketiatry

    Herewith, a guide to filling out your NCAA tournament bracket based not on “advanced metrics” or “accurate analysis” or “knowing things about basketball” or whatever science-ism the poindexters are yelling at Mulder these days. Instead, this guide is based on what really matters: 5,000 cc’s of raw, unfiltered #emotion.

  • About Last Night: A Madness Preview

    In case you were out telling your clients not to use March Madness as a legal defense again this year, here are the six biggest stories you missed in sports on Thursday.

  • Matthew Perry’s ‘Odd Couple’ Reboot Will Costar Thomas Lennon

    No, Perry’s latest stab at TV re-stardom hasn’t come and gone as quick as ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ ‘Studio 60,’ and ‘Go On.’ It still hasn’t even happened yet! And now ‘Reno 911!’ and ‘The State’ actor and writer Thomas Lennon is set to play Felix to Perry’s Oscar.

  • Seth Rogen Has Never Smoked Weed With James Franco Because James Franco Doesn’t DO That, Man

    Also in the Afternoon Links: Black Simon & Garfunkel take on Lorde, CBS renews basically everything it’s got, and a glorious supercut of 1,001 must-see films emerges.

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