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  • Rounders 2 Might Actually Happen, Thanks to Rob Lowe and Harvey Weinstein

    Let’s play some f#&*$@g cards!

  • Text Messages to Kobe Bryant: I’m Afraid of Snakes

    Kobe Bryant is a human with a cell phone, so I sent him some text messages. Me: Black Mamba! What’s up, vato? Kobe: Hello. Me: How are you feeling? Kobe: about? Me: oh. Um, well, I guess I meant in life. Kobe: I’m Kobe Bryant so I mean life is pretty good. Me: right, right. […]

  • The Year in Internet: The Rise of the Hoax Economy

    The paradox of the Internet has always been that it exists ephemerally and also forever. Out of each day’s pile of content — Buzzfeed lists, local news stories, photos of the dinners eaten by distant friends, posts like this one — very little makes an impression, which is a soothing thought if you exist in […]

  • B.S. Report: Cousin Sal

    Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal cover the Cowboys’ devastating loss before guessing the Week 16 lines. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the B.S. Report on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

  • The Year in “Holy S—!!!”

    It is the end of the year, which means it’s time for everyone to look back at what just happened. Remember, reflect. Or, in today’s case, rejoice at all the most surreal moments and humans we saw in sports in 2013. The sort of stuff for which the only appropriate reaction is to stand up […]

  • 22 Jump Street Red-Band Trailer: Jonah Hill Only Does Movies With Flawless Trailers Now

    It can be such a beautiful moment to see a trailer for the first time in theaters, remembering that this movie you knew was coming is, in fact, coming. (Or, better, learning about a movie’s existence for the first time in the moments before the main attraction.) But some trailers you’ve gotta see first at […]

  • Survivor Finale: Like It or Not, Tyson Earned the Title

    Until last night, Tyson Apostol was best known in Survivor circles for his incredibly stupid move in Season 20, Heroes vs. Villains. The unimpeachable Boston Rob hatched a scheme that would have weakened Russell Hantz’s (his nemesis) alliance, and the plan relied on Tyson adhering to it. But Tyson fell for the deceptions of the […]

  • Premier League Pass & Move: City and Liverpool Muscle Up

    Looking back on the weekend’s Premier League action. A Tale of Two Managers Mike L. Goodman: If you ever wondered what getting outcoached looks like, look no further than the beating Andre Villas-Boas took during his final game as Tottenham Hotspur’s head coach. Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool thoroughly outclassed Spurs in a match that highlighted […]

  • My City of the Year: GTA V’s Los Santos

    Now more than ever, pop culture is about the small stuff — an obscure TV show, a few notes in a pop song, a tweet. To celebrate a year of micro moments, every day a new Grantland writer will highlight one specific thing — a Big Little Thing — that we won’t soon forget. 1. […]

  • Bad Day in Buffalo

    Two mysterious deaths in the shadow of one NFL game.

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