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  • Spring Snapshot: Pac-12 Football Check-in

    Can Oregon and Stanford replace lost talent? Is Arizona ready to take the next step under RichRod? How does Jim Mora plan to use superhuman two-way dynamo Myles Jack this fall? Holly Anderson is training her Spring Snapshot gaze on the Pac-12 to answer these and more.

  • The Season Tommy John Took

    If Tampa Bay starter Matt Moore needs Tommy John surgery, he’ll become the latest in a seemingly ever-growing tally of injured arms. Baseball is on pace to shatter the most Tommy John surgeries in a season. What’s going on? And can teams and players do anything to fix it?

  • Cheap Heat Podcast: With Special Guest Court Bauer!

    Court Bauer joins the guys to talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior, the end of the Streak, and the craziness of WrestleMania.

  • ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 2 Precap: Sword Fights, Odd Couples, and Old Lovers

    It’s a testament to George R.R. Martin’s abilities as a storyteller, and D.B. Weiss and David Benioff’s eye for which elements of that story are essential, that otherwise sane, gainfully employed people can get lost in a world that is so thoroughly messed up. Just talking or writing about things that happen in this show makes you seem — to the uninitiated — like a total sociopath.

  • Is Terrence Ross Ready to Make the Playoff Leap?

    His diverse skill set fills every moment with boundless excitement. His potential to energize everyone watching is enormous. If Ross makes a leap, it’ll fill the edges of nearly every conversation held by NBA aficionados throughout the offseason. And it’s something you won’t want to miss.

  • NHL Grab Bag: Are You Mad About Bishop’s Injury? (Please Say No.)

    Welcome to a weekly grab bag of thoughts and observations from the past few days and/or decades of hockey.

  • Video on Demand Report: ‘Desolation of Smaug’ Arrives on VOD, Everyone Yawns

    Your friendly guide to this week’s on-demand offerings.

  • Irrational Treasure

    Making (some) sense of Nicolas Cage’s strangest decade (so far).

  • The Case for Colbert: He’s Just What Late Night Needs

    It’s still a little bit difficult to believe that Stephen Colbert has been tapped to replace David Letterman. Sure, he was the one who industry reporters said had the inside track, but let’s be honest: Any time anybody gets up from any desk in America, someone says, “You know who should replace that person? Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.” Nevertheless, it’s always startling when a network makes a decision based on quality of talent as well as herd-mentality consensus.

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