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  • Explicitly Laid Out Like a Fruitcake: A Short History of 16 Guided by Voices Shows

    I saw Guided by Voices for the 16th time on Friday. Guided by Voices is my favorite band of all time. I first saw GBV in 2000 during my senior year of college. I am now the same age that Robert Pollard was when ‘Bee Thousand’ was released on June 21, 1994.

  • What’s Wrong With the Padres?

    The Padres are an undercapitalized team, screwed by shady owners and playing in a division with two financial powerhouses. They’ve been completely clueless on how to build a winning team at Petco Park since the day it opened. They’ve given too much money to players who tanked, bid farewell to others who’ve flourished elsewhere, and generally chosen the wrong guy nearly every time they’ve faced a major decision this century.

  • Back in Black: Shane Black Returns to Reboot the Unkillable ‘Predator’ Franchise

    As shameless bids to render a totally unnecessary franchise reboot nearly outrage-proof go, this one’s pretty ingenious: 20th Century Fox has announced both a new ‘Predator’ movie and that said new ‘Predator’ movie will be (kind of) written and (possibly) directed by cult ’80s screenwriter Shane Black, of ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ fame.

  • Do You Like Prince Movies? Podcast: ‘Orange Is the New Black’

    This week Alex and Wesley discuss the vast and complex greatness of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and the grim details of the Australian postapocalypse thriller ‘The Rover.’

  • Nathan Fielder’s Awkward Moment

    A glimpse into the brilliant, unusual, and unnerving style of the star of Comedy Central’s ‘Nathan for You.’

  • The Power of LeBron and the Pressure on Miami

    On Tuesday we found out how far LeBron’s really come after four years and two titles. If he only looked like an empowered superstar in 2010, in 2014 we’re seeing the real thing. The talent to make Finals runs basically starts and ends with him, and he knows it.

  • Lost in Translation

    Damon Lindelof returns to TV with HBO’s deeply dark ‘The Leftovers.’

  • Warner Bros. Has Selected the Next Big Young-Adult Adaptation

    After a long train of ‘Harry Potters’ and ‘Twilights’ and ‘Hunger Gameses,’ ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ served as a reminder that YA = $$, and that the subject matter doesn’t have to be fantastical or dystopian to yield a strong turnout.

  • About Last Night: The Bitin’ Bandit Returns!

    In case you were jet-setting down to Brazil like some kind of hipster hotshot, leaving About Last Night in the hands of an unstable sociopath, here’s what you missed in sports on Tuesday.

  • Ryen Russillo’s NBA Draft Confidential: Real Scouts on Dante Exum, Noah Vonleh, and Aaron Gordon

    Real Scouts on Dante Exum, Noah Vonleh, and Aaron Gordon.

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