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  • The 12 Most Important Humans at the National Championship

    Who will we remember from the 2014 men’s basketball championship game?

  • Ask the Maester: Answers to Nagging Questions About the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Premiere

    What’s the big deal about Valyrian steel? Who’s that Oberyn Martell dude? And what’s up with the cannibals?

  • Their Own Personal Hell: Breaking Down the Devils’ Shootout Woes

    The New Jersey Devils’ line in the NHL standings may be the saddest thing in the hockey world.

  • NCAA Championship Shootaround

    Last night in North Texas, March Madness finally came to a cacophonous, crazy, based conclusion. Here are some riffs and GIFs on Connecticut’s huge win over Kentucky, and the end of the college basketball season.

  • Freak Show & Tell: Hoarding x Two

    ‘Hoarding: Buried Alive,’ ‘America’s Worst Tattoos,’ and ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’

  • About Last Night: Dog Bites Cat

    In case you were busy rooting for the Calipari-to-the-Lakers rumor to be true for so many reasons, here are the four biggest stories you missed in sports on Monday.

  • Drew Goddard Is Probably Directing ‘The Sinister Six’

    “Goddard wrote the script for this first of what Marvel and Sony hope will be a new film franchise that shapes up as an Avengers-like all-star team of bad guys,” Deadline writes. Sony plans to release a ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Spider-Man’-affiliated film every year. This one will probably tie in with Alex Kurtzman’s ‘Venom’ project.

  • Letterman’s Last Great Moment

    The old man set it up masterfully. He mentioned that his 67th birthday was coming up and waited for the “APPLAUSE” sign to flicker off. Sixty-seven. He’d been hosting a late-night show for half his life, he realized, so he grabbed an index card and counted up the shows. When he mentioned making more than 4,000 shows for CBS, everyone clapped like trained seals, because that’s what David Letterman’s audiences were trained to do. They thought they were getting an “I can’t believe how many shows I’ve done” bit. They had no idea what was coming.

  • Peter Mayhew, the One and Only Chewbacca, Is Doing ‘Episode VII’

    Also in the Afternoon Links: The most badass ‘Godzilla’ trailer yet, a harrowing tale about the Human Barbie, and some Valyrian-forged ratings for ‘Game of Thrones.’

  • Triangle Cheat Sheet: The Case for the Final Two Contenders

    Nobody wanted this Connecticut-Kentucky matchup (well, except for the preemptive tattoo guy) and maybe the people in Storrs and New Haven and Hartford. But alas, we must play with the cards we’re dealt.

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