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  • How Can the Bengals Move on From Andy Dalton?

    The Bengals have an Andy Dalton problem, and it’s not all Dalton’s fault. Twitter probably isn’t the best resource for deciding on the future of a starting quarterback, but the reaction to every misstep Dalton made Sunday said a lot about where Cincinnati stands — both with its quarterback and as an organization. A day […]

  • Don’t Quiz Dennis Rodman About Some Political Junk When He’s Just in North Korea to Play Ball

    “Watch this.” Thus spake Dennis Rodman, getting ready to make Michael Bay’s big walk-out video look like a hiccup. (Yes, it’s Meltdown Tuesday; Reubens are half-price till seven.) Conferencing from Pyongyang with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday morning, Rodman wound up summoning a verbally terrifying and contextually baffling hurricane. It was incredible.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street: The Little Controversy That Could (and Should)

    The Wolf of Wall Street controversy has hit Defcon 2. Not only did Jonah Hill take a beat to defend the film at Variety’s annual You’re The Best! brunch Creative Impact Awards, none other than Leonardo DiCaprio himself descended from the Olympian heights on his hybrid chariot to drive the point home to a packed […]

  • The Cavs Are Thinking Playoffs, the Bulls Are Thinking Ahead

    The always massive Cavaliers contingent brought a multi-layered bluster to last season’s draft lottery. The bow-tied crew hooted and hollered upon winning again, shouting over the actual announcement and drawing bemused side-eyes from Kevin Love and Damian Lillard on the dais. A rapper named Machine Gun Kelly was involved, declaring himself the biggest thing in […]

  • Live From the Olympic Hockey Trade Desk!

    At the (completely fake) deadline, can we fix Team USA? (Without adding Bobby Ryan.) (Sorry, Bobby Ryan.)

  • Texas Hooks Charlie Strong

    It feels great, doesn’t it? I mean the fact that the University of Texas introduced its new coach, Charlie Strong, at a press conference yesterday.

  • Freak Show & Tell: Don’t Drink Paint, Kids (Also, Don’t Eat Your Mattress)

    My Strange Addiction (TLC) Who Is This Now? Heather. Why Are We Watching Her? She’s addicted to drinking paint. How Did She Get Here? Shortly after her mother died, Heather was cleaning out a desk and found a paint pen. She was attracted to the smell and suddenly had the urge to taste it. Since […]

  • Dispatches From Bowlvania: The Last Crystal Football

    In which Florida State bookends the BCS era

  • College Football Was Perfect Last Night

    Jameis, Tre, the near upset, the comeback, and a game for the ages.

  • Dick Clark and American Bandstand’s Behind-the-Scenes Anti-Gay History

    Pulitzer Prize–eligible magazine The National Enquirer broke an old but interesting story this week about Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The ultra-wholesome image cultivated by Clark and his producers was unsurprisingly the result of behind-the-scenes pruning, as Clark would frequently conduct “witch hunts” to “purge gays from the ranks.” After taking over Bandstand from original host Bob Horn, who had been locked up […]

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