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  • Billy Eichner Is Working on a New Sitcom; These Are the ‘Billy on the Street’ Guests He Needs to Have on the Show

    America’s preeminent crazy person, Billy Eichner, is getting a second television show. This one, unlike Fuse and Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street, will be a scripted sitcom costarring Julie Klausner on USA.

  • A Brief History of LeBron James vs. Paul Pierce

    Tonight, once again (for the 26th time, to be exact), Paul Pierce and LeBron James will duke it out in a playoff game. Now, let us take a trip down memory lane!

  • The Moment Podcast: Brian Koppelman With Taran Killam

    ‘SNL’ star Taran Killam and Brian Koppelman talk about life on the show, how to get a sketch on the air, and how to stay sane in showbiz.

  • The Grantland NFL Podcast: NFL Draft Preview (Part 2!)

    Grantland’s NFL duo set their sights on the top half of the NFL draft during the second part of their preview.

  • A Playoff Preview

    Miami-Brooklyn Brooklyn was a Paul Pierce fingertip away from being a punch line — a $200 million wheezing antique unable to get out of the first round … again, after mortgaging even more of its future for the remnants of Boston’s championship past. But Pierce swatted that Kyle Lowry floater, and now the Nets get the series […]

  • The Met Gala: Just Like the Oscars, Without All the Annoying Awards

    Surveying the highs and lows of fashion’s most exciting playoff game.

  • Rating the Non-Johnny Draft Quarterbacks on the Manziel Scale

    Going into this year’s draft, there’s one major consensus. Johnny Manziel, quarterback, Texas A&M, is an amazingly efficient entertainment vehicle. What’s less clear is whether any of the other quarterbacks in the stable offer even half of Johnny’s charisma, potency, and potential for nirvana.

  • The ‘If I Fought This Rapper, Would I Win?’ Chart

    This is a chart to help you figure out if you should fight a particular rapper, should you somehow be in position to do so and of the mind to do so. It was inspired by the recent standoff the LAPD had with, among others, The Game and T.I., two rappers you should definitely never, ever try to fight.

  • Liverpool Lost the Premier League Title Just Like They Almost Won It

    Could they have killed the game off once they escaped the Worst Lead in Soccer? Probably! But take a slightly wider lens, and a functional one-goal-win-getting team wasn’t what Liverpool came into this game needing to be, and it looks nothing like the team that got them to where they are right now.

  • It’s Not Them, It’s You

    Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, and Johnny Manziel are all first-round talents with fifth-round flaws. So, who’s going to be drafted first? And who’s going to be the best pro? Your answer probably says more about you than it does about the kid you pick.

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