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  • FiveThirtyEight Guest Post: Let It Snow?

    OK, so you’ve laid out a few grand for a ticket to Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium on February 2. What are the chances you’ll be suffering through frozen temperatures or a blizzard?

  • Triangle Cheat Sheet: The Djoker Goes Down

    You probably already know the major things that happened in sports right now, but do you know enough to impress your friends and colleagues? Here, let us help.

  • ‘NHLPA ’93’ vs. ‘NHL ’94’: The Ultimate Showdown

    Last week, Grantland published my version of the concise NHL Dictionary. I used the opportunity to make fun of Gary Bettman, the Lady Byng Trophy, enforcers, advanced stats, people who don’t get advanced stats, several players, and most teams. And as it turns out, everyone was fine with that. Then I said NHLPA Hockey ’93 was a better game than NHL ’94. That part didn’t go over so well.

  • ‘Child of God’ Trailer: James Franco Tackles One of Cormac McCarthy’s Weirdest Books

    McCarthy’s third novel, one of his most starkly psychotic, is the ballad of Lester Ballard (played by Scott Haze), a mentally unhealthy and increasingly violent vagrant in rural Tennessee.

  • Lindsay Lohan Puts on Her Producer Hat for ‘Inconceivable’

    She is at the Sundance Film Festival promoting a new project entitled Inconceivable, a “psychological thriller” that she will produce as a starring vehicle for a hot young star named Lindsay Lohan. Will it be better than The Canyons? Doubtful!

  • Our NBA All-Star Team

    We are, somehow, halfway through the NBA season, and that means it’s time for All-Star picks.

  • Michelle Obama Will Murder the Rim and Ruin Your Whole Life

    FLOTUS DOES NOT CARE. It’s from this commercial, but what’s most important is that the GIF lives everywhere now. (Via SB Nation)

  • Explaining the Dogecoin-Funded Efforts to Send the Jamaican Bobsled Team to Sochi: A Thought Experiment

    Cool Runnings really stands the test of time. Add attitudinous dogs and Comic Sans and you’ve got the American dream in the palm of your hand.

  • NFL Playoff Stock Watch

    It’s time to break out the ol’ Playoff Stock Watch to see how players are seeing their value shift around the league during the 2013 postseason, and what that means for their next contract.

  • So Good, So Young

    The Dodgers violated a cardinal rule by giving a pitcher a long-term deal. If they regret anything, though, it may be failing to lock up Clayton Kershaw for even longer.

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