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  • Judd Apatow Will Produce a Lonely Island Movie

    Get T-Pain and Michael Bolton on the phone.

  • About Last Night: Rory Roars

    In case you were busy beginning a 15-day period of awkwardly pretending like you haven’t been traded, here are the top six stories you missed in sports on Thursday.

  • ‘I’m Not a Visionary’: The Staggering Career Arc of Steven Soderbergh

    A jaunt through the restless auteur’s brilliant (and sometimes not-so-brilliant) filmography.

  • Get Weird Al His Own Super Bowl Halftime Show, Says Internet

    Also in the Afternoon Links: Larry David shares his Larry Davidian feelings about doing Broadway, Netflix hustles past HBO, and Kanye’s ready to smack a drone.

  • Matthew Stafford Is Armed and Dangerous

    When Bill Barnwell laid out his plans for QB Crossroads Week to the rest of the staff during our NFL preview meeting, there was some surprise that Matthew Stafford wasn’t invited to the party. Based on the theme established with the other entrants, Barnwell was technically right not to include the Lions passer. At the time, Andy Dalton, […]

  • The Terror of Lifetime’s ‘The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story’

    Do not watch this clip. Seriously. Do NOT click on the word “clip” that will take you to a clip.

    If you didn’t listen, just know that I attempted to give you the warning I did not have. But now that you’ve seen it, you understand why I tried to help you. And what you have probably just realized: There’s no turning back. You can’t unsee the terror that Lifetime has created, ‘The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.’

  • B.S. Report: Andy Greenwald

    Andy Greenwald and Bill Simmons discuss the disastrous summer we are having with television, as well as shows you should be watching and the state of late-night TV.

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal’s ‘The Honorable Woman’ Is a Political Thriller Worth Investigating

    That the world isn’t easily divided into a binary — good/bad, black/white, RT/Fav — should be obvious. And yet a glance at social media over the last few tumultuous weeks suggested otherwise. As the Israeli campaign in Gaza intensified, so, too, did the ferocity and simplicity of online “debate.”

  • A B1G Prediction for the 2014 Wisconsin Badgers

    Winning close games isn’t a bankable factor when assessing a team. Strength of schedule is. Combine those two realities, and Wisconsin suddenly looks like a sexy Big Ten sleeper pick.

  • 2014 College Football Preview: The ACC

    Can anyone besides the Seminoles stop the Seminoles from making a repeat run at the national title?

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