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  • Welcome to the NFL’s SATs

    The scouting combine is the most misunderstood event in football. Coverage of the combine has ballooned since 2004, with the NFL Network offering live wall-to-wall analysis from Indianapolis. The growth of the web has allowed for increased coverage and analysis of assorted workouts and pro days, and an endless number of mock drafts. It has become a public moment on the NFL calendar so quickly, in fact, that fans still don’t really have much of a context to make sense of the combine. We end up talking about the combine through anecdotal examples that don’t make broader sense, as if one player’s path could single-handedly prove anything about the pre-draft process.

  • Fox Raids Art House for ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Cast

    By casting a who’s who of indie cinema and prestige TV, Fox seems to be setting its artistic ambitions a little higher — which is to say setting any artistic ambitions at all.

  • The New ‘22 Jump Street’ Trailer Has All the Hot Jonah Hill–on-Angry-Cephalopod Action You Need

    Also in the Afternoon Links: The ‘Terminator’ reboot, ‘Gotham’ casting news, and $19 billion in Facebook money.

  • Brian Shaw, Lionel Hollins, and Being a Coach in a General Manager’s League

    Think about NBA franchises; if I were to ask you to name the management avatar of any team, how many of them would be coaches? Doc? Pop? Thibs? Who else? Teams don’t belong to the Van Gundys, Karls, and Hollinses anymore. They belong to the Ujiris, Prestis, Hinkies, and Moreys.

  • Titus’s Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings

    A columnist admits he loves this season’s Duke Blue Devils (and a little part of him dies).

  • ‘Justified’ Midseason Scorecard: Safe to Assume Big Doings Are Afoot

    ‘Justified’ executed its first big roller-coaster plummet of the year with the outstanding “All Shot to Hell”; after last week’s relatively quiet “Kill the Messenger,” it’s safe to assume big doings will be afoot next Tuesday night. Before that, take a look at where our heroes, antiheroes, and something-elses stand after six hours.

  • Emma Roberts — and a Generation of Millennials — Enter the ‘Adult World’

    ‘Adult World’ tells the now-familiar story of a would-be artist whose postgrad dreams get crushed by the weight of real-life responsibilities: student loans, apartment rent, regular meals.

  • 2014 Winter Olympics Mailbag!

    Your questions about the Sochi Games answered by our on-the-ground reporter.

  • The Midseason TV All-Star Team

    Especially because mid-February is the perfect spot for TV to take its own All-Star break, perched as we are between the cruelty of actual winter and the promise of a more reliably entertaining version of winter just on the horizon.

  • Sorting Through the Cavs’ Playoff Fever

    Cleveland is 5-0 since firing Chris Grant, resuscitating postseason hopes that looked dead two weeks ago. Should that change its calculus as we approach the trade deadline? Small sample sizes are a dangerous thing, even in the hands of folks who should know better.

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