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  • AWOL Soul: A New Autobiography Frees Rick James From Catchphrase Hell

    Unflinching as it is, the funk legend’s newly published autobiography ‘Glow’ — assembled posthumously by David Ritz — manages to temporarily separate the story of the monster from the story of Rick James, the way Marvel Comics occasionally pulls apart Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

  • A Riverdale Runs Through It: The ‘Death’ of Archie and the Frozen Universe of Spinoff Comics

    Recently the powers that be have loosened up slightly and let Archie Comics get a little more weird.

  • The ‘Would You Trade Wiggins for Love?’ Shootaround

    LeBron’s Cavaliers are trying to give Cleveland its first championship in 50 years. How they handle a hypothetical Kevin Love–Andrew Wiggins trade is crucial for that quest. What should they do?

  • New Music Trend Alert: Teen Metal Is Upon Us

    There’s a teen metal band invasion afoot! Last week, a Brooklyn power trio with some serious Iron Maiden/early Metallica-style chops named Unlocking the Truth signed a five-album deal with Sony for $1.7 million, in spite of the band members having an average age of roughly 12 and a half.

  • The Uncensored 2014 British Open Power Rankings

    Unlike the U.S. Open course at Pinehurst, which was virtually guaranteed to be a huge headache for the golfers regardless of what the weather did, the elements here in England will have an enormous determining factor on how this tournament plays out.

  • The Ninjas in Brazil

    Tear gas. Stun grenades. Righteous anger. After embedding with the Brazilian activist group Mídia Ninja, one writer reflects on the World Cup demonstrations and their impact.

  • NHL Offseason Bizarro Rankings

    Let’s run through the entire league and see which teams’ moves made the least sense. Here’s every team’s offseason so far, broken down by division and ranked in order of increasing Bizarro-meter score.

  • Bryan Cranston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Play Will Be an HBO Movie

    Cranston and the Broadway play each won a Tony Award last month.

  • The Curious Case of Mark Buehrle

    By almost every metric, Mark Buehrle is a thoroughly average pitcher. So how has he managed to find such success, especially at his age?

  • About Last Night: ‘I’d Like to Thank …’

    In case you were busy losing the ESPys by failing to predict the winners of the ESPYS, here are the top six stories you missed in sports on Wednesday.

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