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  • Lowe Post: Okafor trade, hot Rockets, panic in the West

    Zach talks to ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz about the Jahlil Okafor trade (4:25), the red-hot Rockets (19:53), disappointing Western Conference teams (38:52), and more.

  • Cheap Heat: Hardy makes it to Raw, Jordan turns and matches vs. promos?

    Broken Matt Hardy makes it to Raw, Jason Jordan turns (sort of) and much more!

  • The Bill Barnwell Show: Browns fire Sashi Brown, needs for playoff teams

    Bill welcomes Mina Kimes on the show to discuss the Browns’ firing of Sashi Brown. Then, they hand out “holiday gifts” to each playoff team depending on their biggest needs (15:17) and answer your mailbag questions (33:19)!

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Deondre Jordan’s options, Lavar Ball back at it, NBA’s referee problem, Lance make’em dance, plus more of your Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • David Jacoby and Jalen Rose talk a Derrick Rose return, Pat Ewing sweat, Gronk goes disrespectful, Silver dome still stands, plus more of your Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • The Bill Barnwell Show: McAdoo gone, Vikings-Falcons, Saints-Panthers, 1st round re-draft

    Bill and Will Brinson react to the Giants’ firing of Ben McAdoo and share their thoughts on the Vikings’ win over the Falcons (11:29) and the Saints continuing their winning ways against the Panthers (23:00). Plus, re-drafting the 2017 first round (33:08).

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk keys to the Cavaliers streak, NFL’s social justice charade, Gronk’s meathead mafia, plus more Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • Barnwell: Week 13 in the NFL preview with Matt Ufford

    Bill and Matt Ufford of SB Nation take a look at a variety of topics in advance of Week 13 in the NFL season, including how heavy of a load Russell Wilson is carrying in Seattle, if Marshon Lattimore is encroaching upon being a shutdown corner, if Antonio Brown should be the MVP and more. Plus, a way-too-early attempt at drafting for 2018 in fantasy.

  • Zach talks to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols about David Fizdale’s firing, the reeling Clippers, hot food and beverage takes, her best and worst interviews and more.

  • Cheap Heat: A boring RAW, plus 'Black/Brown Power Rankings'!

    The boys come back from Thanksgiving hiatus, but were not too thrilled with this week’s Raw. Plus, another edition of “Black/Brown Power Rankings” and more!

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