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  • A MAJ-or Episode

    Somehow the boys turn a terrible idea into Cheap Heat magic! Special guests galore!

  • David Jacoby and Jalen Rose are joined by the legend Common talkin’ trading Ben Simmons, Kawhi’s dominance, KD to NYC, plus we preview tonights NBA Playoff match up’s!!!

  • Lowe Post: Nuggets-Blazers, Celts On The Brink

    Zach talks to ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan about Nuggets-Blazers, Jamal Murray & Nikola Jokic, the Celtics on the brink and more.

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk James Harden’s dominant Game 4, whats wrong with Klay, plus Marcus Spears stops by for a special edition of Soft Move vs Boss Move!!!

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk James Harden’s 40-piece vs Golden State, KD’s new team, Kawhi the machine, LeBron talks Magic, plus Jalen talks trades and more.

  • Burke: 'What QB's are doing is they're optimizing for completion, not overall production'

    Bill chats with ESPN analytics guru Brian Burke to look back on the draft and projecting prospect performance, including what role scouts play in that, how fans should evaluate the draft as well as improvements that can be made to the predictive model (1:19). Plus, new stats that they’ve built based on player-tracking data that the NFL collects such as “pass-block win” and “pass-rush win” as well as “deep QB” which measures decision making (20:55).

  • Lowe Post: Leonard Saves Raptors, Weekend Reaction

    Zach talks to ESPN’s Tim Bontemps and Malika Andrews about Kawhi Leonard’s season-saving Game 4 performance in Philadelphia, Bucks-Celtics, Rockets-Warriors, and more.

  • Ryan Hollins and CC Sabathia join Jacoby talkin’ Joel Embiid domination of the Raptors, LeBron’s Coach, CC 3K, NBA Playoff Weekend preview, plus more of your Twitter and VM’s!

  • Katie Nolan on her Kentucky Derby pick, Arya Stark, and the USWNT.

    Katie and Ashley get past some jelly bean drama to discuss whether texting “k” means you hate someone (8:35), then later they pick, including: picking a Derby horse (21:50), Dwayne Haskins and #7 (32:25), Smash Mouth’s latest hot take (56:16), and the USWNT’s World Cup lineup (1:01:00). Later, the gang enters the elimination chamber to crown the best sports feeling of all time (1:10:00).

  • Stan Van Gundy and Ryan Hollins joins Jacoby talkin’ the Blazers vs Nuggets and Rockets vs Warriors series, Knicks flirt with Kevin Durant, catching a foul ball and More!!!

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