Watch a Supercut of Leo DiCaprio Screaming His Lungs Out, Over and Over Again, Until Your Ears Quit on You

Like Brad Pitt’s propensity to keep his hands busy with snacks, Leonardo DiCaprio’s tendency toward screeching rage wasn’t a thing we’d really noticed until the Internet identified the tic. But now we will never look at Leo’s boyishly handsome face again without bracing ourselves for the scream that could arrive at any moment, piercing our ears and puckering our various orifices. It is the sound of an outraged teenage eagle protesting an unfair grounding by its unfeeling parents, and it is a thing we can never unhear. This HuffPo supercut guarantees that.

Perhaps one day, DiCaprio’s immature screams will ripen into a throaty roar. But today is not that day.

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Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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