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HBO Has Two True Detectives Onboard for Season 2

Also in the Afternoon Links: Rick Ross goes to Hoth, Sarah Silverman cooks up a Broadway musical, and Tarantino wants Viggo for ‘The Hateful Eight.’

Well, that’s not technically true. Vince Vaughn will be playing a criminal, but hey, he’s definitely doing HBO’s True Detective! He’ll join previously announced cop Colin Farrell in the Pizzolattoverse, The Hollywood Reporter writes. And there’s some serious info! Hit it, THR:

Farrell will play Ray Velcoro, a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him. Vaughn is set as Frank Semyon, a career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner.

Yup. Still can’t wait.


(Wow, Itzkoff. Just wow.)

Apropos of nothing save for random dopeness: The Empire Pops That.
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Seven years into development, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft follow-up ain’t happenin‘.

Rumor has it Tarantino’s ready to draft Viggo Aragorn Mortensen for The Hateful Eight.

Vin Diesel’s beard, man. (Leo’s, too … )

Here’s the trailer for Tale of Princess Kaguya, which could be one of the last Studio Ghibli films for a while.

John Krasinski has two new projects in development at NBC. One’s about “a failed law student who turns to a career in garbage collecting in New York City,” another’s about “a middle-aged ad executive who starts his own agency in his garage.” Mad Men plus WTF with Marc Maron!

Lena Dunham has so much advice for you!

Abbi and Ilana have a new Broad City webisode!
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Dear Peter Dinklage: Congrats on scoring a meaty role as a bounty hunter in a thriller.

Dear Aaron Paul: “Supernatural thriller” and “costar” aren’t what we want to hear, little buddy!

Dear Sarah Silverman: That’s pretty cool you’re adapting your hilarious memoir The Bedwetter into a Broadway musical.

And allow Charlo Greene — Mrs. Fuck It, I Quit — to explain her stance. (Hint: pro-trees.) [via]