Thor: The Dark World Trailer: Hammer Time

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In the immortal battle of Hemsworth vs. Hemsworth, the pendulum had most recently swung in favor of the younger man, Liam. First, the trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — the one in which Liam’s Gale finally gets to do more than brood from afar — dropped. Then, against all odds, his lady, Miley Cyrus, frog-twerked her way back into our hearts. But now big bro Chris is coming on strong: The trailer for the second installment of his Thor series is here, and it’s got some roaring to do. In just a few minutes, we get forest fires, bridge explosions, a hair-braided half-faced villain, interstellar Natalie Portman abductions, and some solid drop-to-your-knees scream-in-anguish type action. (Stick around to the end, for a little cameo from a prominent player from The Avengers. And, no, it’s not the guy who sold The Avengers shawarma). And, the verdict is … sorry, Liam. Chris has his own franchise. For now, he is truly the greatest Hemsworth of them all.

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