This Is What Happens When You Take Stephen Colbert’s Daft Punk Away

Sometimes a little corporate broadcast rivalry is a beautiful thing. See, because of some exclusivity issues, Daft Punk wasn’t able to perform, as planned, on The Colbert Report. As Stephen Colbert explained on Tuesday’s show, “We booked Click and Clack over here about a month ago … Well, apparently, Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Don’t tell anybody, because fun fact: No one told me until two o’clock yesterday.” Colbert even let us see the chastisement e-mail from MTV chief Van Toffler: “The label and the band sold us hard on some clip and live appearance based on them not showing up anywhere else — so this is a new one. Checked with my peeps and will check again but they’re feeling funky on this one.” (Oh wow, dude.) So was Colbert going to take this injustice sitting down?! Of course not — he was going to take it dancing! In response, Colbert threw together a star-studded “Get Lucky” dance party that makes you wish MTV would mess with his bookings more often. I’ll let you experience the wonder of the unknown celeb cameo all for yourself, but I will say just three words in preview: Henry. Alfred. Kissinger.

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