There’s a New Trailer for Arrested Development. So This Has to Happen Now, Right?

The truly despondent among the cult of Arrested Development might believe that — no matter how many interviews aired, on-set images shared, and concrete pieces of premiere information released — the promised return of their beloved would somehow fall apart before the Bluths could come tumbling back into their warm embrace. But here we are, just 13 days from Netflix multi-episode simul-launch, and all systems are go. I mean, look, a trailer! Yeah, it’s somewhat awkward to have to cut around the fact that the cast won’t be appearing onscreen together all the time (each episode will be dedicated to one character), but there’s plenty to distract you from that. Namely: a vulture, an ostrich, a stair car, a juice box, and “The Final Countdown.” Also important here is that Ron Howard just put out this sort of impenetrable tweet (along with Complex’s post of the trailer): “Arrested Development trailer a friend just texted to me from NY Giants website!”

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