The New Prometheus Viral Ad: The Birth of David

Before we get to the inevitable joke about Michael Fassbender’s penis (and yes, that’s going to happen; we really have no choice in the matter), let’s all marvel at how well-executed and effective Fox’s campaign for Prometheus has been so far after we take in this latest viral offering about “David,” a robot virtually indistinguishable from a human, right down to the tears rolling down his artificial cheekbones. It’s been flawless.

Charged with the task of obliquely reviving/relaunching the Alien franchise, they’ve done nothing but play coy with how this film connects to its predecessors, driving fans of that series absolutely bonkers with anticipation as they scour all available footage for clues about its exact place in that universe. (Our own Dan Silver wrote 30,000 giddily obsessed words on this subject not too long ago; we’d have roused him to take a shot at this video, but he’s locked himself in a room with a 60-inch monitor that shows nothing but an infinite loop of Sigourney Weaver doing sit-ups until the movie is released on June 8.) And while most campaigns do nothing but beat you over the head with preestablished brand-name recognition, they’re doing their best to make Prometheus feel like something completely new in a summer busting at the seams with superheroes, sequels, and superhero sequels. (Good ones this year, but still.) Our helmets are off to you for putting out promo materials we feel lucky to watch, Fox, even if that may leave us vulnerable to a facehugger attack. We are now dying to see this movie.

And now, the dick joke: Why is David crying? Because he can understand that he has an enormous penis, but he can’t feel it.

Yeah, we don’t feel great about that one, either.

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