The Iron Lady Trailer: Congratulations in Advance, Meryl Streep!

Ladies, start your accents! It may be summer, but today marks the beginning of the Hollywood award season with the first glimpse of The Iron Lady, a stirring drama about a respected but counted-out woman’s triumphant quest to dominate the opposition and win another Oscar. Of course, it’s also about Meryl Streep donning her best Academy-pleasing British-isms in order to portray Margaret Thatcher, the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister, in a film from the director responsible for Mamma Mia!. We’re sure there will be a stirring rise to power, some sexism, a soupçon of conflict and (hopefully) a terrible Ronald Regan impression (we know someone who’s available!). But this trailer is cut more like an action film, as two stentorian sorts quibble over their future leader’s ladylike appearance leading to the big, crowd-pleasing (or crowd-infuriating!) reveal. Though given only a few winking moments of screen time, Streep seems well-cast and comfortably at ease in her trademark pearls — though her coquettish smile seems a bit much for a woman blamed for effectively crushing the UK’s proud tradition of trade unions. Still, Thatcher was undeniably successful in her single-minded pursuit of victory — something we’ll no doubt be saying about Streep, as well, come next February. And if the potential lionization of such a polarizing figure sticks in your craw, we recommend counterbalancing it with a little light music.

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