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The Elysium Trailer: The Space/Class-Warfare Revolution Will Be Televised

Matt Damon, voice of the poor.

Four years ago, director Neill Blomkamp, then not yet 30, came out of nowhere (well, technically, “came out of South Africa”) to drop District 9, a modestly budgeted sci-fi flick that somehow managed to be simultaneously sharp and funny and super sad. Sensibly, Hollywood came a-calling, with their standard Would you like millions and millions of dollars to make a movie that must make millions and millions and millions of dollars more? offer. Blomkamp sacked up, said yes, and now here comes Elysium.

The socioeconomic friction from District 9 is back, this time with a neck-tatted Matt Damon as the voice of the oppressed. See, it’s the future, and while the rich and fabulous live perfect lives on a space-station called Elysium, all the poor people are stuck on regular crappy Earth … but, of course, our boy Matty — rocking that sick exoskeleton style — is about to do something about that. (Sharlto Copley, who was so great in District 9, apparently has a big supporting role. We only see him for a couple of seconds here, though, mostly yanking a sword out his quiver).

To be frank, I’m not sure if I’m sold on Damon as the hero here; maybe Blomkamp would’ve been better served by once again picking a scrappy young foreign lad to carry the day? But let’s let Jason Bourne live, and not rush to judgment. And let’s, for now, focus on the most important thing: We now know how to pronounce Elysium! All together now: El Eee See Um.