The Avengers Trailer: Let the Apparently Well-Earned Next Wave of Hype Begin!

There was a time, not that long ago, where we harbored an irrational fear that the Avengers movie would consist of nothing but a string of scenes of an eye-patched Samuel L. Jackson playing “Surprise!” with various Marvel characters, a neurosis fueled by that seemingly endless, years-spanning procession of post-end-credit Nick Fury teasers. Though that version wouldn’t have been without its costumed peek-a-boo charms (especially if he ever tried to sneak up and pants the Hulk in a really misguided, potentially fatal recruitment pitch), it finally feels like this thing is happening. Look, here’s two and a half minutes of very exciting and expensive-looking proof! High-five, Joss Whedon!

It’s hard to imagine that anyone inclined to see a blockbuster superhero movie isn’t going to feel an immediate, violent stirring in his codpiece at this footage; if they’d debuted this at Comic-Con, the San Diego Fire Department would’ve needed to marshal every available high-pressure hose in the city to break up the resulting, frenzied cosplay gang bang, during which at least five “before” Steve Rogerses would have been accidentally bludgeoned to death by ecstatically flailing Mjolnirs. So perhaps it’s better, and certainly safer, that all this unleashed fandom is happening at our cubicles and not in Hall H. If you haven’t already, press play, watch some very high-quality shit blowing up, and gird your spandex-swathed loins in preparation for the coming wave of hype until its May 4 debut.

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